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Which is the best Karcher pressure washer to buy?

Which is the best Karcher pressure washer to buy?

Which is the Best Kärcher Pressure Washer?

  1. Kärcher K7 Premium Smart Control Pressure Washer. The best premium pressure washer.
  2. Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer. The best for first-timers.
  3. Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer. The best mid-range option.
  4. Kärcher OC3 Portable Cleaner.
  5. Kärcher K2 Compact.

What is the difference between Karcher pressure washers?

The differences are in how it is housed and how it is from the outside. There premium model has on board storage for attachments as well as a place to store and hold the trigger gun. On the premium model there is also a hose reel on the back for the lengthy 8m high pressure hose.

Which Karcher model is best?

Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer – The Best Overall Model. The Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer wins our top spot for the best overall Karcher system. This model is a great choice for larger jobs around the home, and can even suit some contract work or landscaping situations as well.

Are all Karcher fittings the same?

All Karcher accessories for their range of K2 to K7 domestic pressure washers are interchangeable and fit onto the spray gun instead of the lance.

Which is better Karcher or Bosch?

If you’re looking for a large and in charge pressure washer, you’ll definitely want to go with Karcher. If you prefer something that is lightweight, you’ll be better off with a Bosch pressure washer. Pretty much every Bosch pressure washer is going to weigh less than 9 kg.

How powerful is a Karcher K4?

The K4 Power Control is one of Kärcher’s more powerful pressure washers, with a 1,800W water-cooled motor capable of putting out a maximum 420 litres per hour at a maximum pressure of 130 bar.

Are Bosch pressure washer any good?

This is a great all-round pressure washer, ideal for most cleaning jobs, from washing the car, tackling decking and garden furniture and removing stubborn dirt from paths. The long hose reach makes it ideal for use in larger gardens.

Are Karcher products made in China?

Since 2004, Kärcher has been manufacturing in China in its own factory. In the past year, a new, 27,000 square metre production facility was put into operation in Changshu.

What’s the difference between Karcher home and premium pressure washers?

The differences are in the casing and design, that compact K2 is what it says, more compact, it is designed to be as small as possible and easy to carry. Where as the K2 Home and Premium models have wheels and an extended handle to allow you to pull the pressure washer around like a suitcase.

Can a Karcher pressure washer be shipped to California?

All of the engines (Kärcher, Honda and Kohler) on Kärcher Home & Garden pressure washers are CARB compliant and can ship to California. Whether you are looking for a pressure washer with a Honda engine, Kohler or Kärcher engine, rest assured that all of our residential gas pressure washers are CARB compliant.

When did the first Karcher pressure washer come out?

In 1950 Kärcher developed the first European hot water high-pressure washer for professional cleaning. In 1984 Kärcher then launched the first portable pressure washer, the HD 555, for private households – a milestone in the history of cleaning.

What’s the difference between Karcher Lance and compact pressure washer?

So what are the differences? The compact version is more compact, it is the same spec as the full control counter part. So the engine is the same, in terms of accessories you get lance, however the compact version is more basic and doesn’t have the visual settings of the full control version.