Which is the dirtiest Beach in Mumbai?

Which is the dirtiest Beach in Mumbai?

MMB identified top 10 of 72 beaches where they found the maximum trash strewn during the cleanup, with Mumbai having three of the most polluted beaches – Juhu being the dirtiest beach with 50.61 tons of trash, followed by Versova with 49.82 tons and Girgaum chowpatty with 20.48 tons.

Is Aksa beach good?

Aksa beach is one of the best beach option in mumbai. Its very neat and clean and big too. Aksa beach lies in Aksa village in Malad,Mumbai.It is accessible from both malad as well as Borivali. Good clean and peaceful beach as compare to Juhu beach.

Why is Aksa beach famous?

Akshe Beach is a popular beach and a vacation spot in Aksa village in Malad, Mumbai, India. Aksa beach also happens to be one of the cleanest beaches in the city. This beach has INS Hamla (a base of the Indian Navy) at one end and a small beach called “Dana Paani”.

Which is the cleanest Beach in Mumbai?

The Top 7 Cleanest Beach in Mumbai

  • Madh Island Beach, Mumbai (source)
  • Juhu Beach, Mumbai.
  • Aksa Beach, Mumbai (source)
  • Gorai Beach, Mumbai (source)
  • Uran Beach, Mumbai (source)
  • Erangal Beach, Mumbai (source)
  • Kalamb Beach, Mumbai (source)

Why is Juhu beach so dirty?

The water that hits the shores of Mumbai’s Chimbai, Juhu and Versova beaches is contaminated with plastic, household garbage and dangerously high levels of faecal matter, and all of this is from our homes. With the monsoon season in full swing, more than 1.5 lakh kg of this trash washes ashore every day.

Which is the dirtiest beach in India?

Dirtiest beach in india – Kappad Beach

  • Asia.
  • Kerala.
  • Kozhikode District.
  • Kozhikode.
  • Kozhikode – Places to Visit.
  • Kappad Beach.

Is Aksa beach open at night?

The peak timings of Aksa Beach in Mumbai are from 5 pm to midnight. The beach is open for 24 hours.

Can we visit Aksa Beach?

The remoteness of Aksa Beach makes it a perfect place to spend some time alone or with your group. You can walk on the shore, listen to the waves and take a sunbath at Aksa Beach. Swimming though is prohibited….Aksa beach Mumbai Timings.

Day Timing
Friday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Saturday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Sunday 12:00 am – 12:00 am

Which is the famous beach in Mumbai?

Top 7 Beaches To Visit In Mumbai

  • Juhu Beach.
  • Chowpatty Beach.
  • Aksa Beach.
  • Madh Island Beach.
  • Versova Beach.
  • Marvé Beach.
  • Manori Beach.

Which is the most beautiful beach in Mumbai?

Can you swim in Juhu Beach?

No swimming – Juhu Beach.

Why is Mumbai sea so dirty?

A recent study by the state pollution control board found the water around the beach was heavily polluted, mainly because of domestic waste being dumped into the sea. “The sources we identified are all marine outfalls where sewage treatment is negligible, leading to extremely poor water quality,” said Shah.