Which OS has the most users worldwide?

Which OS has the most users worldwide?

Android is now the top OS in terms of total internet usage across desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile combined, according to StatCounter with 37.93 percent of the worldwide OS market, just ahead of Windows, which has 37.91 percent.

What is the market share of Windows 10?

According to the latest report from Net Market Share, Windows 10 now claims 26.28% of the market. That’s just about 1% more than March when Windows 10 claimed 25.36% of the market.

What is the market share of Mac vs PC?

Statistics show that Microsoft Windows has approximately 91% of the market share, while the Apple Mac OS has around 5% of the market share. The other 4% is owned by other operating systems such as Linux.

What is the market share of Apple computers?

Acer Group , the number five worldwide PC vendor, shipped 4 million PCs during the quarter. Lenovo and HP are tied for 21.9 percent market share, followed by Dell at 16.8 percent and Apple, as previously mentioned, at 7.1 percent.

What is the most popular OS?

The most installed operating system in the world is Android. For desktop PCs, Windows is the most popular operating system. This paper looks at the most popular operating systems, number of users, and their history.

What is the market share of Microsoft Windows?

Microsoft’s Windows operating system commanded a combined market share of 96.44 percent. Valve’s numbers show that Windows 10 is twice as popular as its next closest competitor, Windows 7, which earned a combined 30.93 percent market share for the 32- and 64-bit versions of the operating system.

What is the market share of smartphones in the US?

According to ComScore, Android currently leads in the US market as the #1 smartphone platform with 52% market share, while Apple’s iOS holds 40.4% market share. Of Android’s 52% smartphone market share in the US, Samsung devices hold the lion’s share, showing how the Korean giant is rapidly gaining more ground in Apple’s home market.