Which size carrom board is used in tournaments?

Which size carrom board is used in tournaments?

74 x 74 cm
The standard size carrom board, used in tournaments, is a 74 x 74 cm board with a 5-10 cm border (or 29 x 29 inches with 2-4 inches border).

What is the size of championship carrom board?

35″ x 35″
Board size : 35″ x 35″ Frame size : 3″ x 2″ Playing surface :29 x 29. Plywood thickness : 16mm, 20mm.

Is 26 inch carrom board?

BIGPRINT SPORTS Carrom Board 30 Inch with Coins & Striker | BPS 7… Kalindri Sports 26 × 26 inch with 1.5″×1.25″ Frame 4 mm Ply witho……Drivya (4X2 ) 26 inch Carrom Board Carrom Board Board Game.

Model Name (4X2 ) 26 inch Carrom Board
Sales Package 1 carrom, 1 set coins
Material Wood
Character Board Game

Which carrom board size is best?

Carrom boards with 32-inches in size are considered full-sized. These full-size carrom boards are typically designed using top-notch wood, which ensures their sturdiness and durable nature. Good quality full-size carrom boards are generally appreciated for their superior re-bound capabilities and incredible flatness.

Which size carrom board is best for home?


  • 1) GSI Carrom Boards- This carrom board is famous for smooth playing surface and tremendous re-bounce capabilities.
  • 2) Synco Champion Carrom Board-
  • 3) Uber-
  • 4) Surco Carrom Board-
  • 4) Suzuki Carrom boards-
  • 5) Siscaa Carrom Boards-
  • 6) Vinex Carrom Boards-
  • 7) JD Sports-

What is the biggest size of carrom board?

Wood Big Carrom Board, Size: 35 X 35 Inches

Border Size 35 x 35 inches
Size 35 x 35 inches
Color Wood
Material Wood
Brand Star

How many rupees is a carrom board?

Questions & Answers on Carrom Board

Material Min Price Max Price
Wood Rs 120/Piece Rs 12000/Piece

How do I choose a good carrom board?

How to choose a carrom board?

  1. The board surface should be dead flat – Budget boards with thin plywood are less likely to offer a perfectly flat playing surface, and are more susceptible to warping over time.
  2. The playing surface should be smooth to feel, with no bumps or irregularities.

What is full size of carrom?

The standardised association and federation size is a 74 × 74 cm (29 × 29 inch) square playing surface with 5–10 cm (2–4 in) borders. Other play-area sizes are not used in tournaments and competitions.

Are hands allowed in carrom?

Thumbing is allowed by International Carrom Federation which allows the player to shoot with any finger including the thumb (known as “thumbing”, “thumbshot”, or “thumb hit”). A player needs to ensure that his striking hand does not infringe/cross the diagonal lines aerially/physically.

What is the standard size of a ” carrom board “?

The standard size of a “Carrom board is 29 inches (74 cm). The game is usually played on a board made of plywood. The dimensions of the standardized game is a 29 inches (74 cm) square playing surface on a board of lacquered plywood.

Which is the best carrom board for tournaments?

Precise’s top-of-the-line tournament model is still used for International Carrom Federation tournaments played in Asia. The Champion Elegant compares favourably to boards manufactured in Europe and the US, though their innovations have now been duplicated by Indian manufacturers such as Synco, Surco, and Sisca.

What kind of board is siscaa carrom made of?

Siscaa Carrom board made of wood. The surface is plain wooden ply with no bumps and the ideal design printed for the Carrom game. There are also so variations that have tried to replace the olden wooden surface with glass and marble. But the wooden game is professionally used in all tournaments.

Which is the best Carrom Championship in India?

CHAMPIONSHIP is recognised by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of INDIA, Organised by All INDIA CARROM FEDERATION. More Details…