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Who did Del Boy call a plonker?

Who did Del Boy call a plonker?

“Rodney don’t be a plonker all of your life”. 3. “As Macbeth said to Hamlet in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, ‘we’ve been done up like a couple of kippers’.”

What does plonker mean in Only Fools and Horses?

a foolish, inept, or contemptible person
The first use of plonker to mean “a foolish, inept, or contemptible person” is attested in the Oxford English Dictionary to the third episode of Only Fools and Horses in 1981, in which Del Boy exclaims to his brother: “Rodney! I didn’t mean to drive off! “What a plonker!”

Who plays Del Boy Trotter?

David JasonOnly Fools and Horses
Del Boy/Played by

Is Del Boy a gypsy?

Throughout the series, Del Boy uses a word that actually originates from the Romany Gypsy language. He frequently says “cushty”, meaning something that is great or pleasing. However, there are a whole host of other words that originated from the Romany Gypsy language that we all use every day.

Is Tyler Del Boy’s son?

Tyler Boyce is a character appearing in Only Fools and Horses. He is son to Aubrey Boyce and his wife Marlene. His story is continued in the spin off series The Green Green Grass, which began filming in June 2005, in which he and his family fled from The Driscoll Brothers to the countryside.

How much older is Del Boy than Rodney?

However some episodes of Only Fools and Horses do not support this; in “Big Brother”, 1981, Rodney states to Del that he is 23 years of age, which would make his year of birth 1957 or 1958. In the same episode Del Boy states that there is a thirteen-year age gap between himself and Rodney.

What is a Jaffa in Cockney?

jaffa – to be ‘seedless’ as in infertile, one who ‘fires blanks’ lovely jubbly – brilliant, great, cushty.

What is the age difference between Del Boy and Rodney?

Is Del Boy dead in real life?

His most recent appearance in the role of Del Boy was in 2014; he retired his role as Frost in 2010….David Jason.

Sir David Jason OBE
Occupation Actor, comedian, screenwriter, executive producer
Years active 1963–present
Spouse(s) Gill Hinchcliffe ​ ( m. 2005)​
Partner(s) Myfanwy Talog (1977–1995, her death)

What is Del Boy’s real name?

What happened to Del Boy?

The two stars were at work on a final special ahead of the 2011 anniversary of the show’s premiere, until he was unfortunately struck with viral pneumonia. Sadly, the writer died at the age of 64.

Who is Del Boy in Only Fools and horses?

Del Boy. Derek Edward Trotter, more commonly known as Del Boy (born 10 December 1945), is the fictional lead character in the popular BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses and one of the main characters of its prequel, Rock & Chips. He was played by David Jason in the original series and was portrayed as a teenager by James Buckley in the prequel.

Why did Del Boy call an ambulance for Joan?

In early January 1964, Joan wouldn’t get out of bed one morning due to her health being heavily damaged by her drinking habit, so Del called Dr. Becker, who came round to examine Joan before calling for an ambulance.

Who are the parents of Del Boy Trotter?

Seven months later, February 1962, Del met Barbara’s parents, Bernard and Beryl, before taking Barbara out to dinner at The Golden Egg in Leicester Square, and getting engaged in the process. Soon, the Birds invited the Trotters over over for an engagement party, in which Del sympathised with Bernard for not liking Reg.

How old was Del Boy’s mother when she died?

Del’s mother Joan dies on 12 March 1964, apparently after a long period of ill health. His neglectful father Reginald leaves three months later (on Del’s 16th birthday), taking most of their money and even Del’s birthday cake.