Who died in 24 series?

Who died in 24 series?

Joel Levine – Shot by Andre. Oleg Bazhaev – Shot by Sergei Bazhaev. Vladimir Laitanan – Stabbed fifteen times by Renee Walker, the first stab in the eye. Lugo Elson – Knife thrown at his throat by Jack Bauer.

Who dies in the first season of 24?

Teri Bauer
The first season had a dramatic and unexpected ending: the death of Teri Bauer. Many fans were dismayed by this sudden plot twist, while others applauded 24’s genre-defying willingness to kill major characters with little warning.

How many characters died 24?

As it stands, Bauer has killed 270 people over the show’s run, and no doubt Kiefer Sutherland’s iconic counterterrorism agent will be adding to the tally when 24: Live Another Day premieres on Monday, May 5.

Who dies 24 season3?

3 Ryan Chappelle A veteran of the show’s first season, he met his demise near the end of season 3 on the orders of the terrorist Stephen Saunders (an old war buddy of Jack’s, who went missing and was presumed dead during Operation Nightfall, the botched assassination attempt on Victor Drazen).

Is Audrey a traitor in 24?

Luckily Bill and Jack were able to convince her to let Jack speak to her for 10 minutes. Jack interrogated Audrey and spoke to her about her night with Walt Cummings in a hotel. Audrey confessed they had an affair and she was embarrassed, as he was revealed to be a traitor.

Why did Dessler leave Tony?

Michelle tells Tony she wants to help CTU, just moments before her death Tony and Michelle were preparing for an anticipated business meeting with Rick Rosen, when they learned that David Palmer was assassinated in his brother’s apartment. Although Tony tried to stop her, Michelle decided to leave.

Who married Tony Almeida?

Michelle Dessler was a federal agent who worked for CTU: Los Angeles. She married fellow CTU agent Tony Almeida sometime between Day 2 and Day 3. After Tony was released from jail for committing treason, she left him.

Are there any deaths on the show 24?

For deaths in 24 spin-off media, see Deaths on 24/Expanded universe. “Well, I’ll tell ya, Dan. You’re either dead or you’re not dead. There’s no such thing as “sorta dead”.” This is a list of deaths confirmed to have happened during the 24-hour periods covered by each season of 24, as well as the time period covered by 24: Redemption.

Who was killed on Day 9 of 24?

Mahmoud Al-Harazi was killed by a drone strike in Ghundi Kala two years before Day 9, along with 23 others, including six children. (” Day 9: 3:00pm-4:00pm “)

Who are the characters in death on 24?

For deaths in the prequels, novels, games, or other expanded universe media, see Deaths on 24/Expanded universe . Nikola Luminović had two brothers who died sometime before the day began.

How many people died on Day 6 of 24?

Abu Fayed ‘s brother was tortured to death by Jack Bauer in 1999, long before Day 6. Over 900 people were killed by Abu Fayed ‘s bombings prior to the start of Day 6. It is unknown whether there were any casualties in the Culver City mosque bombing by the mob. ( Day 6: 6:00am-7:00am)