Who has Stacey slept with in EastEnders?

Who has Stacey slept with in EastEnders?

Lily Slater and Arthur Fowler Jr Arthur was conceived as Stacey had a one-night-stand with Martin’s best friend Kush Kazemi. This happened a month before Stacey slept with Martin. Arthur was born in 2015. At first Martin believed he was Arthur’s father, but eventually it was revealed Kush is the biological dad.

What happened to Max brannings wife?

Heartbroken, Greg leaves Walford and when Max realises Tanya does not want to be with him either, he leaves too. Tanya is diagnosed with cervical cancer and tells only Lauren and forbids her from telling anyone else. Greg briefly returns but cannot handle the news that Tanya has cancer and quickly leaves again.

Who did Max Branning have an affair with?

Max had an affair with Tanya Cross. When he discovered she was pregnant with his child, he left Rachel and Bradley. Max came to Walford in 2006 and reunited with Bradley, who was now 18. He moved to Albert Square with Tanya and daughters Lauren and Abi.

Why did Tanya bury Max alive?

After the affair came out, Max and Tanya split up and she began a romance with Stacey’s brother Sean Slater. A jealous Max got involved in the relationship in a bid to split them up and threatened to expose her as an unfit mother. To get her revenge, Tanya drugged Max and tried to bury him alive.

Who is the father of Stacey Slater’s daughter?

When they return, Stacey tells Max Branning (Jake Wood) that Ryan is Lily’s father and has been acting like he does not care. Max confronts Ryan, revealing to Janine that Ryan is the father. He then confronts Stacey saying that he wants nothing to do with his daughter.

Why is Stacey leaving EastEnders?

Stacey Slater has made a sad exit from EastEnders as she went down for a crime she didn’t commit. Cast member Lacey Turner recently went on maternity leave from the BBC One soap to spend some precious time with her newborn son Trilby Fox.

Does Linda and Max have an affair?

Max began an affair with Linda, played by Kellie Bright, after her marriage to husband Mick began to fall apart after lockdown. What Linda doesn’t realise, however, is that Mick’s distancing from her is a result of the return of his abuser Katy Lewis.

Are Mick and Linda back together?

Mick and Linda are finally back in their rightful place EastEnders – behind the bar of the Queen Victoria Public House! It doesn’t take Stuart long to get wind of the rumours about Katy’s arrest, and soon he has pieced together the facts and worked out exactly what happened to Mick!

Is Tanya Franks leaving EastEnders?

She made a surprise return to the show on 16 June 2014 and departed on 15 February 2015. EastEnders announced on 18 January 2018 that Franks would make a guest appearance the following day and return permanently later in the year. Franks made her full time return on 24 April 2018.

Who buried Max alive?

Graphic scenes throughout the episodes would show Tanya tampering with Max’s drink and then driving him to Epping Forest. Her and Sean Slater (Robert Kazinsky) then worked together to bury him in a coffin before he regained consciousness and discovered that his life was in grave danger.

Who is hope Slater’s dad?

Hope Fowler is the daughter of Martin Fowler and Stacey Slater and sister of Bex, Lily and Arthur.

Who has Janine Butcher killed?

She has been married four times to Barry Evans (Shaun Williamson) whom she killed on New Year’s Day 2004, David (Harry Towb), Ryan Malloy (Neil McDermott) and Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd).

Who is Kirsty Bell in EastEnders married to?

Kirsty Bell (previously Branning) was the secret wife of Max Branning although this was not legal as he was still married to Tanya Branning . On Christmas Day 2012, she is revealed by Derek Branning that Max is having a affair and hiding it from his wife Tanya and Max and Tanya’s daughters Lauren Branning and Abi Branning hated and despised Kirsty.

Who is the actor who plays Max in EastEnders?

Fictional character from the British soap opera EastEnders. Max Branning is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Jake Wood. He made his first appearance on 27 June 2006. Wood took a four-month break from the show in 2011 and the character was absent between August and November 2011.

What did Kirsty do to Ian in EastEnders?

Kirsty, Jack and the rest of the Brannings learn that Ian is the “witness”, which leads to Jack attacking Ian and a fight ensuing as Kirsty backs Jack up. To help Abi, Lauren and their grandmother Cora Cross, who are struggling with money, Kirsty sleeps with Carl and steals money from him the following morning.

When did Tanya and Max get a divorce in EastEnders?

Tanya is angry after they kiss on 4 January 2013, and so leaves the square. On 22 January 2013, Max demands she sign divorce papers, but Kirsty refuses. But after she is told by Kat Moon that she is making Max stressed, she signs the divorce papers and leaves Walford in a taxi.