Who has the highest potential in FIFA 13?

Who has the highest potential in FIFA 13?

Top 15 young players to sign in career mode on FIFA 13

  • El Shaaraawy, AC Milan, 19 years old, CF/LW/CAM/LM, OVR – 76, $20 million.
  • Lucas Piazon, Chelsea, 18 years old, LW/CF/CAM, OVR – 61, < $10 million.
  • Sterling, Liverpool, 17 years old, LW/RW, OVR – 69, $10-15 million.

What age is a youth player in FIFA 20?

Youth players can be as young as 15 and as old as 18. You can sign anyone to your youth academy regardless of their age, but you can’t promote someone to the senior squad until they are 16 years old.

How do you check your youth player potential in FIFA 21?

Scouting in FIFA 21 Go to the Office tab, hover over Youth Staff, then move the right stick left or right to show Youth Academy. Click this to see your youth players and adjust their Development Plan, promote them to the senior squad, or release them from the team.

Who is the best player in FIFA 12?

Lionel Messi

1. Lionel Messi Barcelona 97
2. Arjen Robben Bayern Munich 94
3. Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 93
4. Franck Ribery Bayern 93

Why is youth academy locked?

Your youth academy is greyed out because the scouts you know are not for your youth squad rather for your first team. The hired scouts need a place to scout. After you select the country and set up a scouting network, they will send you monthly report every month.

Who is the best RB in FIFA 20?

Who is the best right-back in FIFA 20? Joshua Kimmich is the best right-back in FIFA 2020 with an overall rating of 87. His best stats are stamina (94), crossing (91), reactions (87) and short passes (87).

What is potential to be special?

You can get an idea of a player’s potential through little remarks on their scout report. “Showing great potential” means a player has potential of 80-84; “an exciting prospect” means a player has potential of 85-89; and “has the potential to be special” means a player has potential of 90 plus.

Can youth players have traits FIFA 21?

You are more likely to find the trait combos with youth players than real players since youth players have random stats and traits but that doesn’t mean you’ll never come across a dream real player signing. Keep scouting!

Who are the best young players in FIFA 13?

So let’s check out together below a FIFA Manager 13 best young players and wonderkids list – it took me a while to check them all out and write them down for you, but I am sure you will find them extremely helpful! And this is it, this is my list of the FIFA MAnager 13 best young players and wonderkids.

How old are the youth players in FIFA?

Here are the twelve youth academy players we used for this experiment. For each one we’ve included all relevant high level information about them. 1. Fernando Monzon 17 year old Goalkeeper. Rated 62 when scouted, 66 at the start of this experiment. Potential range showed as 79-85, then ‘Showing Great Potential’.

What are the stats of a player in FIFA 13?

Starts off with strength rating of 82, pace 79 and stamina 74. Ratings increase to 85-86 in a couple of seasons. A substitute defender for those little injuries to your main centre-backs and the occasional starter, no more. Decent stats, normal ratings grow to 84 after 4 seasons.

Who are the best players in FIFA 21?

Find FIFA 21 Career Mode players and potentials 1 Lionel Messi 2 Cristiano Ronaldo 3 Jan Oblak 4 Kevin De Bruyne 5 Neymar Jr 6 Robert Lewandowski 7 Manuel Neuer 8 Kylian Mbappe 9 Alisson 10 Mohamed Salah