Who invented the Delta blues?

Who invented the Delta blues?

In the early years of the 20th century, a seed was planted there that grew into the Blues that, with it’s citified cousin Jazz, revolutionised Western popular music. WC Handy, known as the Father of the Blues, recalls waiting at the railroad station at Tutwiler in 1903, when he heard a tune picked out on a guitar.

When did the Delta blues originate?

Origin. Although Delta blues certainly existed in some form or another at the turn of the 20th century, it was first recorded in the late 1920s, when record companies realized the potential African-American market for “race records”.

Where are Delta blues from?

Mississippi Delta blues
Mississippi Delta blues, also known as Delta blues, regional style of early 20th-century American folk music, centred in the Delta region of northwestern Mississippi.

Who was the father of the Delta blues?

Charley Patton
Charley Patton (April 1891 (probable) – April 28, 1934), also known as Charlie Patton, was an American Delta blues musician. Considered by many to be the “Father of the Delta Blues”, he created an enduring body of American music and inspired most Delta blues musicians.

What is the most common form of the Blues?

12-bar blues
The most common musical form of blues is the 12-bar blues. The term “12-bar” refers to the number of measures, or musical bars, used to express the theme of a typical blues song.

What characterized the best Delta singers?

Include the following characteristics:

  • Dominated from the early 1900s—1930s.
  • Acoustic.
  • Slide guitar.
  • Very emotional vocals.
  • Lyrics reflect hard times in the South.
  • Solo performances.
  • Guitar-dominated (often with harmonica)

What are the 7 types of blues?

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  • Acoustic Blues.
  • African Blues.
  • Blues Rock.
  • Blues Shouter.
  • Boogies-Woogie Blues.
  • British Blues.
  • Canadian Blues.
  • Chicago Blues.

What are the three types of blues?

Modern studies of the blues identify a range of different styles of blues: delta blues, country blues, down-home blues, urban blues, harmonica blues and so on.

What are the blues also known as?

Rhythm and blues, also called rhythm & blues or R&B, term used for several types of postwar African-American popular music, as well as for some white rock music derived from it.

What instruments are used in Delta blues?

Guitar and harmonica are the dominant instruments used. The vocal styles range from introspective and soulful to passionate and fiery. Below is a list of Delta blues musicians.

What is the best acoustic guitar for Blues?

Takamine makes some of the best acoustic guitars for blues in the world, and the GN93CE is one of their superior guitars. With its maple back, rosewood sides and solid spruce top, it looks and sounds impressive.

What is great blues guitarist played a Telecaster?

Mike Bloomfield (1943-1981) played a Telecaster on the first album by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, considered a groundbreaking example of post-Chicago electric blues. He employed the same instrument on Bob Dylan ‘s hit single ” Like a Rolling Stone ” and the album Highway 61 Revisited.