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Who is buying the Cinerama Dome?

Who is buying the Cinerama Dome?

AMC Entertainment
AMC Entertainment announced that it plans to raise $230.5 million for key acquisitions in the movie theater sector, with its eyes on buying ArcLight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres. These sites would help AMC purchase some prestige locations as well, including Los Angeles’ historic Cinerama Dome.

Is Arclight owned by AMC?

We already knew that AMC Entertainment took over two older Pacific Theatres leases at Rick Caruso’s The Grove in L.A. and Americana at Brand in Glendale. On Monday, CEO Adam Aron said on the exhibitor’s earnings call that eight out of his upcoming 10 new locations are former Arclight venues.

What’s happening to Arclight?

Decurian, owner of the Arclight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres announced last month the chain won’t be reopening even as Los Angeles is. Its crown jewel is the Hollywood Arclight on Sunset Boulevard, one of the highest-grossing movie theaters in the nation, and the adjacent Cinerama Dome beloved by filmmakers.

Who is buying Arclight?

AMC Theaters
AMC Theaters Thaws $230.5 Million in Cash, Looks to Buy ArcLight Cinemas | Next TV.

What does Arclight mean?

An arclight or arc lamp is a lamp that produces a bright light by generating an electric arc across two electrodes.

What theaters did AMC buy?

UPDATED: AMC has made it official that it has reached an agreement with Los Angeles real estate titan Rick Caruso for the leases to the 14-screen Grove Theatre in Los Angeles and the 18-screen Americana at Brand Theatre in Glendale, CA, located at their respective outdoor malls.

Who owns the Arclight Hollywood property?

All 15 screens featured stadium seating, and carried a THX certification for optimal sound and picture presentation….ArcLight Hollywood.

Address 6360 West Sunset Boulevard Hollywood, California United States
Parking Adjacent garage
Owner The Decurion Corporation
Opened 2002

Who is buying Pacific theaters?

AMC Takes Over Former Pacific Theatres Locations at Grove and Americana.

Who bought Pacific theaters?

The Americana at Brand in Glendale. The Pacific movie houses at the shopping complex will become AMC locations. AMC Entertainment, the world’s largest movie theater chain, is taking over former Pacific Theatres locations at the Americana at Brand in Glendale and the Grove shopping center, the company said Monday.

How do you get Arclight?

Acquisition. Arclight can be made by using Darklight on the altar in the centre of the Zeah Catacombs with 3 ancient shards in the player’s inventory. It initially has 1000 charges and gains an additional 1000 charges for every 3 shards added, and can hold a maximum of 10,000 charges.

Where are the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood California?

ArcLight Cinemas and the Cinerama Dome. The courtyard entrance of the ArcLight Hollywood complex. The ArcLight Hollywood was a 15-screen multiplex located at 6360 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California. All 15 screens featured stadium seating, and carried a THX certification for optimal sound and picture presentation.

What’s the difference between Cinemark XD and IMAX?

There’s another angle to look at when viewing your movies on the larger screens, and that’s the difference between Cinemark XD, a true IMAX theater, and an “IMAX Experience” theater, which IMAX won’t officially comment on.

Where are the Arclight stores in the US?

The “ArcLight La Jolla”, located in San Diego, California at Westfield UTC, was part of the mall’s $180 million renovation. In October 2014, the first location outside California opened at Westfield Montgomery in Bethesda, Maryland. In 2015, ArcLight opened two locations in the Midwest, both in the state of Illinois.

What was the last movie with IMAX cameras?

Most Hollywood films using IMAX cameras, such as Batman v. Superman, have only been shot partially in 70mm, often using 35mm film or a super high-end digital camera like the Red Epic. The last big-budget movies that included a significant portion of IMAX 70mm footage, approximately 70 minutes of it, was Interstellar.