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Who is the character Hungary in Hetalia Axis powers?

Who is the character Hungary in Hetalia Axis powers?

Hungary (ハンガリー, Hangarī) is a character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. In 2008, Himaruya gave human names to some of the characters and she received the name Elizabeta Héderváry (エリザベータ・ヘーデルヴァーリ, Erizabēta Hēderuvāri ). A chibi version of Hungary.

Who is Hungary’s ancestor in Gakuen Hetalia?

Mongolia is said to have bullied Hungary in her youth, along with the Ottoman Empire ( Turkey ). Hungary also despises Prussia as he taunted her in the past. She is Magyar’s ancestor, as said in Bamboo Thicket shortly after the release of the Gakuen Hetalia mini-game.

What kind of clothes does Hetalia wear in Hungary?

A chibi version of Hungary. She has long, light brown hair and green eyes. Her most common outfit, seen in merchandise and official artwork, is a green military uniform and matching beret. In the actual series, she can usually be seen in traditional Hungarian folk dress.

What kind of character is Hetalia from Hetalia?

She is described as being both a reliable older sister type (mainly to Belgium and Italy) and the manliest character in the series plus scary when angered. She likes hotsprings and singing scary songs, she is said to possess bad luck.

Who is the voice actor for Hungary from Hetalia?

Hungary is a main supporting character from the Hetalia series. Her human name is Elizaveta Hedervary . She is voiced by Luci Christian in the English version and by Michiko Neya in the Japanese version.

What kind of Girl is Hungary in Hetalia?

Hungary is a tomboy. As a child, she was once a nomadic girl who thought was a boy and was picked on by Turkey (Ottoman Empire) and Mongolia. She used to pick on Austria for being weaker than her but she eventually warmed up to him and even became fond of him since he is the only one who treats her with respect.

Who is Prussia the common Laugh In Hetalia?

~ Prussia’s common laugh. Prussia is a secondary character in the Hetalia series. His human name is Gilbert Beilschmidt and he is Germany’s older brother. In modern times he represents East-Germany, as referenced when he refers to his brother as ‘West’.