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Who is the husband Reply 1988?

Who is the husband Reply 1988?

After nineteen feature-length episodes, Sung Deok-sun’s husband was revealed to be Choi Taek, the shy and timid professional Go game player. This reveal was the most satisfying resolution to a loveline/love triangle that I’ve ever witnessed in my 23 years of existence.

Did Deok Sun lose the camera?

Deok-sun comes back from her class trip with a backscratcher as a present for her parents, only to be met with Mom’s wrath for losing the camera and have the backscratcher turned on her as a weapon. Deok-sun makes a run for it into the yard, where she uses Jung-hwan as a human shield.

Who is the leading man of Reply 1988?

Kim Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol) of the hit series Reply 1988 is arguably one of the most loved second male leads of all time. He has always harbored a crush on his childhood friend and neighbor Sung Deok Sun (Lee Hye Ri) but has never mustered enough courage to tell her.

Are Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol still dating?

Case in point: Reply 1988’s Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol! They’ve been together for years now and yes, they’re still going strong. <3. You’re probably wondering how their love story started so we gathered all the details about their relationship—from the moment they met to their latest date together.

Why is the title Reply 1988?

Given the series’ title, Reply 1988 gives you an overview on how was the world back then. The main highlight would be when South Korea hosted the 1988 Olympics — in which our female lead, Sung Deok Sun became a country picket holder.

Why are bananas expensive Reply 1988?

Of all the available flavors, why choose banana? The answer is that Korea’s climate is too cold to grow bananas. So bananas had become an expensive import and a fruit only for the rich. If you have ever seen the drama Reply 1988, you can see how excited people get to eat bananas.

Is Ryu Jun Yeol still dating Hyeri?

Who is Hyeris boyfriend?

In a recent interview with SpoTV News, Hyeri expressed her gratitude towards actor and boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol for his dependable support throughout the drama.

Is the Answer Me series going back to 1988?

Get ready to go back in time for another nostalgia-filled celebration of youth and family. The third installment of tvN’s Answer Me series has arrived, and this time we’re headed back to 1988.

Who is salamander in the Movie Answer Me 1988?

The movie plays on a tiny television as five teens watch with bated breath. It’s September 1988. At a climactic moment in the movie, someone reaches for the shrimp chips and explodes the bag all over the group. This is RYU DONG-RYONG ( Lee Dong-hwi ), nickname Doryongnyong, aka Salamander, who lives in the house across the street.

What did they wear in Answer Me 1988?

A woman’s narration introduces us to 1988, a time when they didn’t have much, but hearts were warm. It was an analogue age, but they were the first eighteen-year-olds to wear slip-on sneakers and denim on denim, and they listened to Shin Hae-chul via Walkman, she says.