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Who is the owner of MT Educare?

Who is the owner of MT Educare?

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Why did Mahesh Shetty leave Mahesh Tutorials?

He decided it was time for Mahesh Tutorials, his coaching class business, to become a corporate entity that would survive independent of his presence. This transition, as Shetty envisioned it, was based on building redundancies—not allowing anyone to become indispensable.

Did Mahesh Shetty leave Mahesh Tutorials?

For years, Mahesh Shetty aspired to shed the ‘coaching class tag. ‘ But he actually moved in the direction of making Mahesh Tutorials a professional, corporate entity, only after the untimely death of his close friend and accountant in 2005. “His death came as a shock to me,” recalled Mahesh Shetty, 44, the founder.

What does MT Educare do?

MT Educare Ltd is an education support and coaching services provider for students in the secondary and higher secondary school and for students pursuing graduation degree in commerce preparing for various competitive examinations and undertaking chartered accountancy examinations.

Why is Mount Educare falling?

Mumbai: An anonymous whistleblower has alleged round tripping and accounting fraud at the BSE listed MT Educare in a letter to several regulatory bodies. The letter has also alleged that the company’s auditors, MSKA and Associates, a member firm of BDO India, were aware of the corporate governance issue at MT Educare.

Who is Mr Mahesh Shetty?

The man behind it, Mahesh Shetty, founder-promoter, MT Educare Ltd, has been in the forefront to transform the traditional chalk-and-talk classrooms to usher in the modern-day digitised teaching-learning era.

Is Mahesh Tutorials good for NEET?

Intensive testing approach at Mahesh Tutorials results in high scores in competitive exams (NEET & AIIMS). On the whole, Mahesh Tutorial leaves no stone unturned to maximize the performance of students, thus making them outshine the rest in the entrance exams (NEET/AIIMS).

What went wrong with MT Educare?

Who is the CEO of Mahesh Tutorials?

Mahesh R. Shetty
Mahesh R. Shetty, CMD, MT Educare Ltd. has more than 27 years of experience in the coaching industry. He started the business of providing coaching services to students in School Section in 1988 under the brand of Mahesh Tutorials.

Which class is best for NEET?

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Is Mahesh Tutorials good for CA?

Mahesh Tutorials is very well known and popular among students of XI, XII Commerce and CA section. Mahesh Tutorials has produced rankers year after year at all Levels of Commerce including CA.