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Who killed pakura?

Who killed pakura?

Kirigakure ninja
Pakura revealed her secret mission to Maki and also revealed that she was killed by the Kirigakure ninja in an act of treachery, which Sunagakure had agreed to.

What episode does Sakura and Naruto fight Kakashi?

The Results of Training
“The Results of Training” (修業の成果, Shugyō no Seika) is episode 3 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

What clan is pakura?

She became the pride of the Arata Clan as they rebuilt their honour upon her back, a difficult task that she gladly accepted to be of use to her family. Pakura was singled out for a supposed constant lack of awareness or empathy for her team members, an accusation which greatly angered her.

Who is pakura Sensei?

Pakura first death Pakura was Jonin-sensei of Maki during her life. At some point during exploits she became known as the Hero of the Sand. She was sent on a negotiation mission to the Hidden Mist Village but was betrayed and killed in ambush they set Rasa and higher-ups pinned the blamed of the Hidden Rock Village.

Is blaze release a kekkei genkai?

Blaze Release (炎遁, Enton, English TV: “Inferno Style”) is a advanced nature kekkei genkai made up of techniques that mix fire and either Yin or Yang-based chakra to create unique flames not following normal flames nature.

Who Killed Dan Naruto?

Although Tsunade attempted to save him, she failed due to his lethal injuries. As Dan died from fatal blood loss, which Tsunade had failed to cease, it caused her to develop hemophobia. This left her unable to participate in additional battles and she left Konoha, taking Dan’s niece, Shizune, along with her.

Who uses scorch?

When Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki combine their fire and wind-natured techniques, the resulting technique is dubbed “Scorch Release”, suggesting those are its component natures. Pakura of Sunagakure uses Scorch Release to evaporate all the water inside her target’s body, leaving them as a desiccated corpse.

Is Kakashi stronger than Naruto?

Hokage Kakashi is stronger than even Naruto . Kakashi wasn’t even stronger than her when he had MS. Tsunade socks him in the face and ends it, as she is not only superior to him in CQC, but also has the ability to one shot him. Meanwhile, Kakashi would have to strike her brain to secure the win.

Which is better Naruto or Sasuke?

In terms of pure speed, strength, manpower, and chakra levels, Naruto is stronger than Sasuke. He is better. Naruto has more powerful techniques. But his techniques aren’t that much more powerful, they just beat Sasuke’s barely but at the end, Naruto is higher than Sasuke. BUT, Naruto can never beat Sasuke in a fight.

What is the relationship between Sasuke and Sakura?

Sakura Haruno. Aside from Naruto Uzumaki and Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke’s relationship with Sakura is possibly the most important of all his interactions. Sasuke was demonstrated to be protective and kind toward his girlfriend, to the point he became more realized and engaging whenever he was around her.

What does Sakura do in Naruto?

Sakura protects Sasuke from Gaara. When Sakura and Naruto catch up to Sasuke and Gaara, Sakura rushes to Sasuke’s side and tries to aid him as the cursed mark began to consume his body. Sensing Gaara’s incoming attack, Sakura uses herself as a human shield against Gaara to protect Sasuke.