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Who owns Lava Records?

Who owns Lava Records?

Warner Music Group
WMG Acquisition Corp
Lava Records/Parent organizations

Does Atlantic records still exist?

Craig Kallman is the chairman of Atlantic. Ahmet Ertegun served as founding chairman until his death on December 14, 2006, at age 83….

Atlantic Records
Parent company Warner Music Group
Founded October 1947
Founder Ahmet Ertegun Herb Abramson

Who started Atlantic Records?

Ahmet Ertegun
Herb Abramson
Atlantic Records/Founders

Hear this out loudPauseFormed in 1947 by jazz fans Ahmet Ertegun, son of a Turkish diplomat, and Herb Abramson, formerly the artists-and-repertoire director for National Records, Atlantic became the most consistently successful New York City-based independent label of the 1950s, with an incomparable roster including Joe Turner, Ruth Brown.

How old is Jason Flom?

60 years (February 17, 1961)
Jason Flom/Age

What is Lava media?

Hear this out loudPauseLava Media is a multimedia company founded by Jason Flom (former chairman of Virgin Records and the Capitol Music Group). Their 2016 single “Fake Love” caught the attention of Lava Records and blends pop-punk, alt-rock, and electro-R&B sounds.

Who does Republic Records represent?

Hear this out loudPauseA division of Universal Music Group, the world’s leading music company, Republic Records is home to an all-star roster of multi-platinum, award-winning legends and superstar artists such as Ariana Grande, Drake, Florence + the Machine, Greta Van Fleet, Hailee Steinfeld, Jack Johnson, James Blake, James Bay, Jessie J.

How do I get signed to Atlantic Records?

You can reach out to the music group via the following channels:

  1. Visit Atlantic Records’ corporate website.
  2. Go to this page.
  3. Visit their dedicated How to Get Signed page and follow the instructions there promptly.
  4. Follow the music group on Facebook.
  5. Follow them on Twitter.
  6. Follow Atlantic Records on Instagram.

What is the parent company of Atlantic Records?

Atlantic Records/Parent organizations

Who is the head of Atlantic Records?

Craig Kallman (Aug 2005–)
Atlantic Records/CEO

Who has Jason Flom discovered?

Hear this out loudPauseHe has discovered or developed artists including Stone Temple Pilots and Skid Row and Kid Rock and Katy Perry. And for the past 28 years he has been a tireless advocate for the wrongfully convicted.

How do wrongful convictions happen?

Hear this out loudPauseMore than half of wrongful convictions can be traced to witnesses who lied in court or made false accusations. Other leading causes of wrongful convictions include mistaken eyewitness identifications, false or misleading forensic science, and jailhouse informants. Faulty forensics also lead to wrongful convictions.

Who was the original owner of Lava Records?

In 2004, Flom sold Lava Records to Atlantic Records Group, where he was named Chairman and CEO of the Atlantic Records Group. In this role, he oversaw a resurgence of the storied label where he had once worked in the mailroom, and continued to sign and break major artists, including Hayley Williams ’ band Paramore.

When did Jason Flom sell lava to Atlantic?

In 1995, Flom launched Lava Records in partnership with Atlantic Records. In 2004, Flom sold Lava Records to Atlantic Records Group, where he was named Chairman and CEO of the Atlantic Records Group. Flom was named Chairman and CEO of Virgin Records in 2005.

Who are some famous artists from Lava Records?

In 1995, Flom launched Lava Records in partnership with Atlantic Records. For the next decade, he continued to discover and champion artists under the Lava label who went on to sell over 100 million records globally, including Matchbox 20, Kid Rock, The Corrs, Simple Plan, The Blue Man Group, Edwin McCain, Sugar Ray and Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

When did Lorde sign with Lava Music Group?

In 2008, Flom left Capitol Music Group to re-launch his own Lava Records label, this time in partnership with Universal Music Group ‘s Republic Records. In 2013, Flom signed Lorde to Lava, which released her debut single, ” Royals “.