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Who owns the Kerry Group?

Who owns the Kerry Group?

Kerry Group

Type Public limited company
Traded as Euronext: KRZ LSE: KYGA
Founded 1972 in Listowel, Kerry, Ireland
Headquarters Tralee, Kerry, Ireland
Key people Philip Toomey, (Chairman) Edmond Scanlon, CEO

Is Kerry Group A multinational company?

This brief history traces the evolution and growth of Kerry Group from its modest beginnings in the south west of Ireland some 40 years ago into a successful, publicly traded, multinational corporation and leading player in the global food industry.

Who is the CEO of Kerry Group?

Edmond Scanlon (Oct 1, 2017–)
Kerry Group/CEO
Edmond Scanlon (47), Chief Executive Officer. Appointed: Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer on 1 October 2017. Edmond is a highly experienced leader in the global food and beverage industry having spent almost 20 years in senior roles across the Group.

How many people do Kerry Group employ in Ireland?

26,000 people
The Group’s principal corporate office is located at Prince’s Street, Tralee, Co. Kerry, V92 EH11, Ireland. How many people does Kerry Group employ? Approximately 26,000 people are currently employed by the Group worldwide….General.

Symbol: KRYAY
Ratio: 1 Ordinary Share = 1 ADR

What brands does Kerry own?

It distributes under the following brands: LowLow, Cheestrings, Dairygold, Charleville, Denny, Richmond, Wall’s, and Mattesons. The company was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in Tralee, Ireland.

What does Kerry Group produce?

Our Consumer Foods division is an industry-leading manufacturer of chilled food products primarily to the Irish and UK markets. Kerry Foods has many strong and well loved brands including Dairygold, Richmond, Fridge Raiders, Cheestrings and Denny.

When was Kerry Group founded?

1972, Listowel, Ireland
Kerry Group/Founded

Who owns Richmond sausages?

owner Kerry
Richmond sausages owner Kerry prepares meat-free move – Just Food.

Who started Kerry Group?

Kerry’s origins date back to 1972 when three shareholders – the state-owned Dairy Disposal Company, a group of eight small farmer co-operatives in Co. Kerry Ireland and the Erie Casein Company Inc. from the US – committed to invest €200,000 to finance a €1m dairy processing facility in Listowel, Co. Kerry.

What products do Kerry Foods make?

international markets. The company products include frozen meals, hot and cold pies, processed meats, and dairy spreads. It distributes under the following brands: LowLow, Cheestrings, Dairygold, Charleville, Denny, Richmond, Wall’s, and Mattesons.

What industry is Kerry Group?

Kerry Group PLC is a major international food corporation. The Group develops, manufactures, and delivers innovative taste solutions and nutritional and functional ingredients for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Why do I want to work for Kerry group?

Joining Kerry Foods means becoming part of an incredible story – and helping to write the next chapter. You’ll work in a fast, agile and ambitious environment, with talented people who really care about what they do. We’re hungry for new ideas, so we’ll always listen to yours.