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Who owns the Scene Dubai?

Who owns the Scene Dubai?

The Scene is Dubai’s top choice for hearty pub grub and retro twists on british classics. Headed up by uk chef and tv personality Simon Rimmer, the menu is an eclectic and thoughtful collection of foodie favourites, top british nosh and proper pub dishes.

Does Simon Rimmer have a restaurant in Dubai?

The Scene, Restaurant, Lounge and Terrace a contemporary British eatery is located at Pier 7, Dubai Marina in the heart of new Dubai. Executive head chef Amy alongside Celebrity Chef Simon Rimmer have created a menu of heart-warming British Classics with a retro twist.

What floor is the Scene in Pier7?

4th floor
Open from 8am until 2am 7 days a week and located on the 4th floor of Pier 7 adjacent to the Dubai Marina Mall; The Scene encompasses a stunning alfresco terrace overlooking both the Marina and the Arabian Gulf, large lounge area and casual open plan dining.

Has Simon Rimmer got a restaurant?

Simon also owns four restaurants in Liverpool, one in Birmingham and one each in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The first restaurant he acquired is Greens in West Didsbury, a suburb of Manchester. He bought it in 1990.

How do you get to Pier 7 Dubai Marina?

The safest and easiest way is to get dropped off at the Marina mall, and follow the signs to the Pier 7 entrance. Here’s a link to a video that Fume Cafe did on parking in the Marina Mall and walking to Pier 7.

Is chef Simon Rimmer married?

Simon Rimmer/Spouse

Who are the presenters of Sunday Brunch?

Sunday Brunch
Directed by Dave Skinner Toby Baker Tim Verrinder
Presented by Tim Lovejoy Simon Rimmer
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language English

Is Tim Lovejoy still married?

He presents Sunday Brunch on Channel 4 and BT Sports Panel on Saturday mornings on the BT Sport channel….

Tim Lovejoy
Occupation Television presenter
Years active 1994–present
Spouse(s) Jade Lovejoy ​ ​ ( m. 2002; div. 2006)​
Partner(s) Tamsin Greenway (2012–2016)

How old is Tim Lovejoy?

53 years (March 28, 1968)
Tim Lovejoy/Age

Is Sunday brunch on all year?

The three-hour show, produced by Remarkable Television, broadcasts live every Sunday throughout the year at Television Centre.

What did Tim Lovejoy do before Sunday Brunch?

Lovejoy began hosting and producing football show Soccer AM on Sky Television in 1996, with Helen Chamberlain. He remained on the show for eleven years. Following the success of Soccer AM, Lovejoy became a radio DJ, joining Xfm before moving to Virgin Radio, where he briefly presented a Sunday-afternoon show.

What happened to Tim lovejoys wife?

Lovejoy married Jade in 2002 and has twin girls from the marriage, born in 2002. Lovejoy was in a relationship with English netball player Tamsin Greenway. She gave birth to the couple’s first child together, a daughter, on 22 May 2013. In May 2016, Lovejoy announced that this relationship had ended.