Who owns welgevonden Reserve?

Who owns welgevonden Reserve?

We, Ton and Yvonne Jansen, (Dutch) bought Kololo Game Reserve (approximately 600 ha) in the beginning of 2004. After having visited South Africa for holidays for almost 30 years, we decided to invest in this beautiful area.

Is welgevonden malaria free?

Welgevonden is entirely malaria free and just an easy 2 and a half hour drive or 45 minute flight from Johannesburg, making it one of the most accessible premier wilderness reserve in the country and a fast and unique means of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.

Which province is Welgevonden Game Reserve?

Limpopo Province of
Welgevonden meaning Dutch for ‘well found’, is a 34,850ha game reserve in the Waterberg Region of the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

Who owns mhondoro Safari Lodge?

In an under three-hour drive or a one hour flight from Johannesburg, you can escape into this ideal safari destination to experience the magic of the Big 5 at home here in the African bush. Named after the Dutch owners of Mhondoro, Myriam and Frank Vogel, the MF Foundation is based in the Netherlands.

How many hectares is welgevonden?

Welgevonden is home to over 50 different mammals, including the Big Five….

Welgevonden Game Reserve
Location Limpopo province, South Africa
Nearest town Vaalwater, South Africa
Coordinates 24°12′15″S 27°54′09″ECoordinates: 24°12′15″S 27°54′09″E
Area 36000 ha (139 square miles)

Where in Limpopo Can you find the privately owned Welgevonden Game Reserve?

Waterberg District
Welgevonden Game Reserve is a 37,000ha private game reserve in the Waterberg District, of the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

Can you self drive in welgevonden?

How do I get to Welgevonden Game Reserve? Consider Johannesburg your gateway to Welgevonden. From this point, you are able to self-drive. Click here for directions It is a three-hour drive from Johannesburg International Airport to the reserve.

Is the Waterberg in Gauteng?

Situated on the border of Limpopo and Northern Gauteng in South Africa, Rust De Winter is predominantly a large Nature Reserve and Dam with a small residential area. The reserve is approximately 80km north of Pretoria.

How far is mhondoro from Johannesburg?

The distance is approximately 270 km from Johannesburg and should take about 2½ to 3 hours.

Why is it called Waterberg?

Waterberg Biosphere Reserve is situated within the Waterberg district in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. The Waterberg, as the name implies, serves as a water reservoir for this arid region. There are four main river catchment areas which provide water to an area of over 40,000km2.

Which district is Waterberg?

Limpopo province
Waterberg is one of the 5 districts of Limpopo province of South Africa. The seat of Waterberg is Modimolle….Waterberg District Municipality.

Municipal code DC36

Where in South Africa is Limpopo located?

Limpopo, formerly (1994–2002) Northern, province, northeastern South Africa. The northernmost South African province, it is bounded by Zimbabwe to the north; Mozambique to the east; the provinces of Mpumalanga, Gauteng, and North West to the south; and Botswana to the west and northwest.

Where are the lodges in The Welgevonden Game Reserve?

Ekuthuleni means “place of peace.” The lodge is situated on the open plains in the centre […] iBhubesi Private Game Lodge is as self catering lodge situated in the Welgevonden Game Reserve. The lodge is approximately 260 km’s north of Johannesburg […]

Who is the legend of Welgevonden Pitse Lodge?

A huge thanks to Haydn-ator and the wonderful team here at Pitse Lodge. We have been so spoilt by all the amazing meals, game drives and scenery! Haydn-ator the legend of Welgevonden made sure that we had the best views of every animal sighting. It’s going to be hard to leave this beautiful place and animals.

How does The Welgevonden bushveld reserve work?

Welgevonden offers an exclusive, intimate bushveld experience, with only a limited number of guests having access to Welgevonden at any one time. These guests are collected from the gate by a competent, qualified field-guide and are then transported to the respective commercial game lodges on the reserve.

Where is the Izingwe Lodge in South Africa?

Izingwe Lodge is located in the Northern Bushveld of South Africa in the UNESCO designated Waterberg Biosphere. It is a 3 hour road trip from Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International airport or alternatively, a 50 minute helicopter or aeroplane flight. The Lodge is nestled in a secluded mountain valley in the 36000ha Welgevonden Game Reserve.