Who owns Woodland direct?

Who owns Woodland direct?

Andrew Ingram – President – Woodland Direct, Inc. LinkedIn.

Where is Woodland Direct based?

Auburn Hills, MI
Woodland Direct Inc. Company Profile | Auburn Hills, MI | Competitors, Financials & Contacts – Dun & Bradstreet.

What is a ventless fireplace?

Ventless fireplaces are also known as “unvented” or “vent-free” fireplaces. They’re a type of fireplace that pipes natural gas or propane into a gas-burning unit. They’re actually designed to burn gas more efficiently than vented versions, so they produce less fumes and don’t require a flue or a chimney.

Is vented or ventless fireplace better?

Ventless fireplaces are more energy efficient than vented fireplaces because no heat escapes up the flue, so you’ll save money on gas utility bills. A vented gas fireplace uses more gas to create the same level of warmth because some of its heat escapes through the flue.

Which is safer vented or ventless gas logs?

Ventless fireplaces are designed to burn gas more efficiently than vented versions, resulting in far fewer fumes and no flue requirement.

How long can I run a ventless fireplace?

Manufacturers offer a variety of guidelines and restrictions that aim to mitigate harm. For one, these ventless fireplaces aren’t meant to be installed in bedrooms or rooms without ample square footage. Guidelines also advise that they shouldn’t be run for too long (typically no more than two hours).

Are ventless fireplaces bad for you?

Ventless fireplaces produce small amounts of nitrous dioxide and carbon monoxide which can be deadly in large doses. The CDC warns against exposure of any level of carbon monoxide, stating that up to 500 people die per year due to accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

Do ventless gas logs need a chimney?

If you’re looking for an efficient way to heat your home, ventless gas logs may be a great option for you. Unlike their vented counterparts, ventless gas logs don’t need a chimney or flue to function (though they can be installed in a functional fireplace with the damper open or closed).

Can ventless gas logs make you sick?

One of the greatest risks of using a ventless fireplace is that of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be deadly inside your home. Specifically, carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that, in high enough concentrations, can lead to serious health problems such as: nausea.

What are the customer service reviews of woodland direct?

Crazy and messed up is my review of Woodland Direct. Hello Eric. I regret that you had to bring this here to get results. Expect to hear from our service team shortly with tracking and information on your order. Horrible experience dealing with this…

How are the customer reviews on woodland fireplaces?

WoodlandDirect has a consumer rating of 2.2 stars from 24 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about WoodlandDirect most frequently mention customer service problems. WoodlandDirect ranks 8th among Fireplaces sites. How would you rate WoodlandDirect?

How much does woodland direct charge for shipping?

That’s drastically different from the 56lbs they had on the label. Here’s the interesting part, the total cost to actually ship the package was $21.81, so do the math. Woodland Direct charged us $48.90 for the return shipping. I can do the math, 2 x $21.81 is $43.62 — so they’re marking up shipping, because they probably have discounted rates.

Where is woodland direct in Auburn Hills MI?

Woodland Direct, Inc. 2025 Taylor Rd. Auburn Hills, MI 48326-1772. (800) 919-1904.