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Who painted the Missouri capitol?

Who painted the Missouri capitol?

Thomas Hart Benton
Clip | 5m 11s | Thomas Hart Benton was commissioned to paint a mural depicting the social history of Missouri. Located in the Missouri state capitol, the honest and sometimes dark depictions of Missouri’s history resulted in some controversy.

What is the controversy over Thomas Hart Benton’s mural in the capitol building?

Because of some of the history and characters depicted — slaves being whipped to work in mines, political boss Tom Pendergast — the murals got a mixed reaction, with some Benton’s defenders arguing that everything in the murals was true, while critics said Benton had focused on the wrong stories from Missouri’s past.

What was Benton’s subject for his murals in the Missouri State Capitol?

Benton’s murals give visitors a chronological guide through the lives of Missouri residents, from fur trading and early farming to a political gathering. Some of the artwork captures uglier parts of the state’s history, such as slavery and the 1838 expulsion of Mormons from the western part of Missouri.

Who helped Benton get the commission for his Missouri mural?

Described as the Midwestern mode of painting, Regionalism aligned Benton with artists John Steuart Curry (from Kansas) and Grant Wood (from Iowa). By 1930, he had embraced his Missourian identity and completed four large-scale mural commissions that brought him national renown.

What is the capitol of Mo?

Jefferson City
State government in Missouri focuses on the state’s beautiful, domed Capitol, dominating the bluffs of the Missouri River in Jefferson City.

What is Thomas Hart Benton known for?

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What does the America today mural say about the United States?

Benton’s mural reveals the artist’s belief that the foundational technological and mechanical strength on which progress relied was, in turn, dependent on manual and industrial labor. Consequently, bodies of large, heroic workers fill many of the mural’s panels.

Did Thomas Hart Benton attend art school?

Académie Julian
School of the Art Institute of ChicagoCorcoran School of the Arts and DesignWestern Military Academy
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What are the 3 capitals of Missouri?


What is the symbol for the state capitol?

State Capitals would be marked with a star.

Why did the art world find de Kooning’s Woman series so controversial?

One of de Kooning’s most famous series was also his most controversial. Fans of de Kooning’s abstract paintings from the 1940s were devastated by the inclusion of a recognizable figure in his work. Critics also derided what they perceived as an aggressive and violent depiction of women, saying it was degrading.

What kind of art is in the Missouri State Capitol?

Art throughout the building vividly depicts scenes of Missouri’s history, countryside and people. The dramatic murals by artist Thomas Hart Benton in the House Lounge are one of the most famous attractions. The Missouri State Museum on the ground floor is another popular feature.

When was the new Missouri State Capitol built?

A few months later, in a special election held Aug. 1, 1911, Missourians approved the issuance of $3.5 million in state bonds for a new Capitol. New York designers Egerton Swartwout and Evarts Tracy were selected to design the new building, which was officially dedicated on Oct. 6, 1924.

Where is the seat of government in Missouri?

The present Missouri State Capitol is the third permanent structure to serve as the seat of state government in Jefferson City, and the sixth capitol in the state’s history.

What kind of marble is in the Missouri Capitol?

In keeping with the directive to construct a “Missouri-made” building, the exterior is of Carthage, Missouri limestone marble, as are the floors of all the corridors, the rotundas and the treads of the stairways. The grand staircase is one of the capitol’s outstanding features.