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Who played the daughter in the imitation of life?

Who played the daughter in the imitation of life?

That being said, Stahl did at least cast a light-skinned African-American actress, Fredi Washington, as Delilah’s daughter Peola, something that the remake didn’t manage… 2.

Did Juanita Moore speak Spanish?

She spoke the lines in Spanish as much as possible, even though she knew she’d be dubbed. In the 1970s she made movies like Jules Dassin’s Uptight, and The Mack with Richard Pryor. Still later, a generation that had grown up with Sirk’s movie on TV cast Moore in other roles in films and on TV.

What happened to Juanita Moore?

Death. Moore died at her home in Los Angeles on January 1, 2014, at age 99 of natural causes. She is buried at Inglewood Park Cemetery.

When was Juanita Moore born?

October 19, 1914
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Is Imitation of Life a true story?

‘Imitation of Life’ Actress Juanita Moore Dies. The 1959 tearjerker, based on a Fannie Hurst novel and a remake of a 1934 film, tells the story of a struggling white actress’ rise to stardom, her friendship with a black woman and how they team up to raise their daughters as single mothers.

Why is it called Imitation of Life?

While the title Imitation of Life on the surface seems to be referring to the artificiality of Lora’s glamorous career that takes her away from her daughter, the title is perhaps more of a sly comment on how racism in 1950s America denied African American people the life that white people took for granted.

Is imitation of life a true story?

How old is the movie Imitation of Life?

Imitation of Life (1959 film)

Imitation of Life
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date March 17, 1959 (Chicago) April 30, 1959 (US)
Running time 125 minutes
Country United States

Who was the black mother in imitation of life?

Juanita Moore
Juanita Moore, star of Imitation of Life, dies aged 99.

How old is Susan Kohner?

84 years (November 11, 1936)
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Why is it called imitation of life?

How does imitation of life end?

The end of Imitation of Life is, accordingly, a hopeless one. It is only with Annie’s death that Sarah Jane accepts the magnitude of her actions and distance. Her mother may have loved her too much, but at least she always tried to be there.