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Who voices Umi in From Up on Poppy Hill?

Who voices Umi in From Up on Poppy Hill?

Sarah Bolger is the English dub voice of Umi Matsuzaki in From Up On Poppy Hill, and Masami Nagasawa is the Japanese voice.

Are Umi and Shun actually siblings?

Shun and Umi discover that they are siblings. Shun comes over to Umi’s house, and she shows him a photo of her father, who was killed in the Korean War, and two of his friends from the army. Shun recognizes the photo, as he was given exactly the same one by his father after being told he was adopted.

Do Umi and Shun marry?

It is implied that Umi and Shun get together as a couple, but is unconfirmed.

Is From Up on Poppy Hill based on a true story?

“From Up on Poppy Hill” follows a more reality-based narrative — a budding romance between high school students, Umi (voiced by Sarah Bolger in the English-language version) and Shun (Anton Yelchin) — reflecting a place and time in Japanese history: the port city of Yokohama in 1963, as preparations for the 1964 …

Is From Up on Poppy Hill sad?

Visualizing ‘Poppy Hill’ It is not altogether sad, though. “From Up on Poppy Hill” is rated PG (Parental guidance suggested). A few sad and scary moments and period-appropriate tobacco use.

Who is shun real father?

At Coquelicot Manor, Umi shows Shun a photograph of three young naval men. One of these men is her deceased father, Yūichirō Sawamura, who was killed while serving on a supply ship during the Korean War. Shun is stunned to see it as it is revealed that he has a duplicate of the photograph.

Is Shun in love with Umi?

Shun eventually tells her about the possibility of them being siblings which greatly affected their relationship. Shun began to avoid Umi, but despite the possibility of them being siblings, he falls in love with her and they both confess their feelings for each other.

What do the flags mean in Up On Poppy Hill?

I wish you a pleasant voyage
The flags that Umi raises mean U and W in international flag language. The two letters mean, “I wish you a pleasant voyage”. At one point, Umi raises the flags that spell out Hokuto, which Shun translates for the audience. Shun’s flags on the tugboat say UW MER, which are seen again in Sachiko’s painting.

Why Is From Up on Poppy Hill so good?

“From Up on Poppy Hill” is frankly stunning, as beautiful a hand-drawn animated feature as you are likely to see. It’s a time-machine dream of a not-so-distant past, a sweet and honestly sentimental story that also represents a collaboration between the greatest of Japanese animators and his up-and-coming son.

How old is Umi in Up On Poppy Hill?

Umi Matsuzaki is a 16-year-old high school student living in Coquelicot Manor, a boarding house overlooking the Port of Yokohama in Japan.

What do international signal flags mean?

International Code of Signals
International maritime signal flags are various flags used to communicate with ships. The principal system of flags and associated codes is the International Code of Signals. One or more flags form a code word whose meaning can be looked up in a code book held by both parties.

What does R over Y flag mean?

Romeo-Yankee (R over Y) proceed at slow speed when passing.