Who was Maria Lassnig and what did she do?

Who was Maria Lassnig and what did she do?

Vienna, Austria. Maria Lassnig (8 September 1919 – 6 May 2014) was an Austrian artist known for her painted self-portraits and her theory of “body awareness”.

What is the purpose of the Maria Lassnig Foundation?

Founded in 2015, the Maria Lassnig Foundation is dedicated to propagating the extensive oeuvre of the artist and to ensure that Lassnig’s legacy is secured over the long term. ^ a b Attias, Laurie Maria Lassnig Archived 1 December 2008 at the Wayback Machine, Frieze, May 1996.

What did Maria Lassnig mean by body consciousness?

In 1948 Lassnig coined the term “body consciousness” ( Körpergefühlmalerei in her native German) to describe her practice. In this style, Lassnig only depicted the parts of her body that she actually felt as she worked. As such, many of her self-portraits depict figures that are missing body parts or use unnatural colours.

When did Maria Lassnig meet Arnulf Rainer?

In 1951 Lassnig traveled to Paris with Arnulf Rainer where they organized the exhibition Junge unifigurative Malerei at the Kärnten Art Association. In Paris she also met the surrealist artist André Breton and the poets Paul Celan and Benjamin Péret.

With the continual growing interest in re-examining artists of the post-war period, artists like Lassnig and Bertlmann have become more prominent on the international stage – and beyond their home city of Vienna. Here, we introduce the key themes from Maria Lassnig’s work. 1. She came of age under the Nazis

When does Maria Lassnig show at Sothebys?

Sotheby’s S|2 Gallery in London will soon launch a new programme, beginning with two solo presentations of works by Austrian artists Maria Lassnig and Renate Bertlmann on the 27 April.

How old was Maria Lassnig when she painted you or me?

Among her most startling works was 2005’s You or Me, in which a naked 86-year-old Lassnig – full-frontal and saggy-breasted – glares out of the canvas, holding one pistol to her head and pointing another at the viewer. MARIA LASSNIG, LE JEU DU DESTIN, 1999. © MARIA LASSNIG FOUNDATION.

Is it true that Maria Lassnig never had a child?

Lassnig never married or had children, declaring “a man, a child is not my destiny”. MAIN IMAGE: MARIA LASSNIG, SELBSPORTRAIT MIT HASEN (SELFPORTRAIT WITH HARE), 2003.