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Who won Wcws in 2015?

Who won Wcws in 2015?

DI SoftballChampionship History

Year Champion (Record) Site
2015 Florida (60-7) Oklahoma City
2014 *Florida (55-12) Oklahoma City
2013 *Oklahoma (57-4) Oklahoma City
2012 Alabama (60-8) Oklahoma City

How many championships has LSU softball won?

History. LSU has won nine Western Division titles, five regular season SEC championships and five SEC tournament championships.

How much does Beth Torina make?

Following the 2015 season, Torina earned a $45,000 raise that increased her annual salary to $225,000 and one-year contract extension through 2018.

What was the score of the LSU softball game today?


Final R H
6 Florida (24-4) 4 3
5 LSU (22-6) 3 3
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Who won the WCWS in 2014?

The tournament culminated with eight teams playing in the 2014 Women’s College World Series at ASA Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City…

Who has the most Wcws?

1. UCLA – From WCWS inception to now, the UCLA Bruins have mauled team after team on their way to a staggering 12 national titles on 19 tries.

Who has the most national championships in softball?

The 6 college softball teams with the most national championships

  • 12 — UCLA (2019, 2010, 2004, 2003, 1999, 1992, 1990, 1989, 1988, 1985, 1984, 1982)
  • 8 — Arizona (2007, 2006, 2001, 1997, 1996, 1994, 1993, 1991)
  • 4 — Oklahoma (2017, 2016, 2013, 2000)

Which college softball team has the most national championship wins?

The Bruins
The Bruins are among the most decorated programs in NCAA softball, leading all schools in NCAA championships with 12, 13 overall WCWS championships, championship game appearances with 22, Women’s College World Series appearances with 29, and NCAA Tournament wins with 187.

What is Patty Gasso salary?

After winning back-to-back national titles, four-Natty-Patty signed a contract approved by the Oklahoma Board of Regents through 2024 that will pay her $1 million annually guaranteed. Gasso went from an base salary of $496,499 to now $725,000 that includes a $200,000 stay bonus.

What does LSU softball coach make?

Breaux, the LSU gymnastics coach, is receiving a 15 percent bump to $275,000, and Torina, the softball coach, is getting a 4 percent raise to $255,000, according to documents. Torina is also in line for a two-year extension through 2020.

Is LSU softball in the playoffs?

We will focus on LSU Softball and be ourselves and worry about our own game for a few days, which is a nice thing this time of year.” The Tigers head into NCAA postseason with a record of 32-19 and are one of 20 teams eligible to host a regional next weekend.

What channel is Alabama softball playing on?

WCWS: How to watch Alabama, FSU softball on TV, live stream On DirecTV, ESPN is channel 206. On Dish, ESPN is channel 140.

Who was the NCAA softball champion in 2015?

Teams 64 Finals site ASA Hall of Fame Stadium Oklahoma City Champions Florida (2nd title) Runner-up Michigan (12th WCWS Appearance) Winning coach Tim Walton (2nd title)

When is the NCAA Division I Softball Tournament?

The 2015 NCAA Division I Softball Tournament was held from May 14 through June 3, 2015 as the final part of the 2015 NCAA Division I softball season. The 64 NCAA Division I college softball teams were selected out of an eligible 293 teams on May 10, 2015.

Where are the Women’s College World Series in 2015?

The eight teams that made it through the regionals have descended upon Oklahoma City for the 2015 Women’s College World Series, setting up a wealth of exciting initial matchups that should set the tone for the week.

Who are the softball teams in the NCAA?

The SEC threatened to push its total teams from five to six before UCLA beat out Missouri in their regional final, but the nation’s most prestigious softball program wasn’t about to let that happen. Now, the Bruins enter Oklahoma City eyeing a chance to add to their 11 national championships against an opponent they know all too well.