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Why are insurers based in Bermuda?

Why are insurers based in Bermuda?

Since Bermuda has no corporate income tax, it serves as a big advantage to a reinsurance industry as, those years which see no major natural catastrophe, can prove very profitable. Another reason why new insurance companies prefer Bermuda is because it is a domicile of choice for other insurance companies.

What is a Class E reinsurer?

The classification of commercial Long-Term insurers is based on total assets under management, as follows: Class C is the applicable class if total assets are less than BMD250 million; Class D, if they are more than BMD250 million but less than BMD500 million; and. Class E, if they are more than BMD500 million.

What is a Class B insurer?

Class B. The Class B license category under the insurance law captures captive insurance companies, including pure captives, SPCs, group captives, association captives, special purpose vehicles, open market insurers, and rent-a-captives.

How do I start an insurance company in Bermuda?


  1. Reserve Preferred Name of Company with Registrar of Companies.
  2. Apply to Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) to Incorporate Company.
  3. Incorporation Applications Approved.
  4. Submit Licensing Application to BMA for Review by Assessment and Licensing Committee;

Is Bermuda the reinsurance capital of the world?

Bermuda is one of three leading reinsurance centres in the world, with 15 of the top 40 global reinsurers based in Bermuda. There are over 100 companies with financial strength ratings, many of which are publicly traded insurance companies.

Why do companies headquartered in Bermuda?

So, why do people incorporate companies in Bermuda? The island territory of Bermuda is known for its highly developed financial sector. Bermuda offers a number of attractive legal vehicles for those seeking asset protection through offshore incorporation. It is also a low-tax jurisdiction.

What is captive management?

Captive Management Company — a firm in the captive domicile specializing in accounting and other services for captive insurance companies, usually serving as the captive’s principal representative in the domicile.

What is reinsurance coverage?

Reinsurance is insurance for insurance companies. Just as a homeowners or auto insurance policy reduces the amount of cash a person must have on hand to pay for a new car after an accident or to rebuild a home after a hurricane, a reinsurance contract can protect an insurance company against large catastrophic losses.

Why are companies headquartered in Bermuda?

Is Bermuda a tax haven?

Bermuda – Declared the world’s worst (or best if you’re looking to avoid taxation) corporate tax haven in 2016 by Oxfam with a zero percent tax rate and no personal income tax.

What is a Bermuda exempted company?

The Types of Companies That May be Incorporated in Bermuda Companies falling into this category are known as “exempted companies” and are so-called because they are exempted from those provisions of Bermuda law which stipulate that at least 60% of the equity must be beneficially owned by Bermudians.

How does a captive work?

The captive provides the owner or its affiliates with insurance coverage for risks that the owner wishes to retain, and the insured entities pay premium to the captive. Any profits made by a captive are retained within the parent company’s group rather than being ‘lost’ to the insurance market.

How many classes of insurance are there in Bermuda?

© 2019 DCB Holding Ltd. and its affiliates Overview Bermuda Insurance Regulations 8 Classes of Insurers –General Requirements for Limited Purpose Insurers (Class 1,2,3,A & B) Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class A Class B Minimum paid up share capital $120,000 $120,000 $120,000 $120,000 $250,000 Reduction of statutory capital

Who is regulated under the Insurance Act of Bermuda?

Under the Insurance Act, the following are all regulated when carried out in or from within Bermuda: Carrying on insurance business. Carrying on the business of an insurance manager, an insurance broker, an insurance agent, an insurance marketplace provider and an insurance salesman.

Who are the insurance brokers and brokers in Bermuda?

Carrying on the business of an insurance manager, an insurance broker, an insurance agent, an insurance marketplace provider and an insurance salesman. Anyone carrying on the listed activities in or from within Bermuda must be registered by the BMA, an authority independent of government and created by statute.

What’s the difference between insurance and reinsurance in Bermuda?

There is no significant legal distinction between a contract of insurance and a contract of reinsurance. For the purposes of the Insurance Act 1978, a contract of reinsurance is a type of contract of insurance. Bermuda courts have not yet wrestled with the question, confronted but not resolved in a number of English decisions]