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Why did Claude kill Kenji?

Why did Claude kill Kenji?

Kenji Kasen – Killed by Claude (under the guise of a Colombian Cartel assassin) under the orders of Donald Love in order to incite a gang war between the Yakuza and Colombian Cartel as well as allow Love to buy land and develop properties at a much cheaper cost.

Where are the coffee stands in GTA 3?

Five of the stalls are located on Staunton Island. The Staunton stalls are located at Belleville Park, east of the car-park in Newport, in front of the church in Bedford Point, near a statue in Torrington, and behind the church just west of Love Media building. The final two stands are located in Shoreside Vale.

What does Deathwish mean on GTA?

The third way is known as Deathwish, where the three main characters decide to join hands, hunt down the bad guys, and seek revenge. This article explains what happens when GTA 5 players decide not to kill either of their partners in crime and instead defeat the wrongdoers.

Who dies in Death Wish gta5?

Devin Weston – Killed by Michael, Trevor and Franklin for attempting to have Michael and his family killed, as well as betraying Trevor, Franklin and Lamar by cheating them out of a payday for the car thefts.

Is Claude dead GTA?

Claude goes to the Cartel mansion, escapes an ambush, destroys a helicopter piloted by Catalina, thus killing her, and rescues Maria. What happened to Claude after the events of GTA III is completely unknown. Rockstar Games’ official response in 2011, however, was that “He certainly isn’t dead.

How old is Claude GTA?

Claude (GTA III)

Claude Speed
Date of birth: August 2, 1971 (Age 50)
Home: New York City (2001-Present)
Nationality: American
Affiliation(s): Leone Family Yakuza Diablos Uptown Yardies Southside Hoods

Which is the best GTA V ending?

The Deathwish ending is the best finale in GTA 5 for several reasons. Deathwish is Franklin’s Option C in the finale, which triggers The Third Way mission in GTA 5. Not only is it the canon ending in GTA 5, but it’s also the only ending where all three protagonists are alive.