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Why did Hubert Lyautey go to Rabat?

Why did Hubert Lyautey go to Rabat?

Having been promoted to général de division, Lyautey was Military Governor of French Morocco from 4 August 1907. After taking Oudja, he went to Rabat to put pressure on the Sultan, getting embroiled in a power struggle between the Sultan and his brother, with Germany and France taking sides in the dispute.

Why was the work of Lyautey so important?

Lyautey’s work still applies today, and is seen as a model in the difficult domain of counter-insurgency operations. Far from conquering with raw strength alone, Lyautey acted as a statesman and pacified the country while strengthening the authority of the Sultan.

What did Hubert Lyautey do in the Middle Atlas?

With 200,000 men Lyautey had to hold down the Middle Atlas and the Rif, suppressing rebellions by Zaians at Khenifra, Abd al Malik at the Taza, and al Hiba in the south, the latter aided by German U-boats. Lyautey argued that Verdun and Morocco were part of the same war.

When was Hubert Lyautey married to Ines Fortoul?

On 14 October 1909, in Paris, Lyautey married Inès Fortoul, widow of Joseph Fortoul an artillery colonel, god daughter of Empress Eugénie and president of the French Red Cross, who had just organized the Red Cross in Morocco. He returned to France in 1910, and in January 1911 he took up command of a corps at Rennes.

What was the early life of Hubert Lyautey?

Early life. Lyautey was born in Nancy, capital of Lorraine. His father was a prosperous engineer, and his grandfather a highly decorated Napoleonic general. His mother was a Norman aristocrat, and Lyautey inherited many of her assumptions: monarchism, patriotism, Catholicism and belief in the moral and political importance of the elite.

What did Hubert Lyautey do as a colonial administrator?

Lyautey is considered to have been an apt colonial administrator. He tried to balance blunt military force with other means of power and promoted a vision of a better future for the Moroccans under the French colonial administration.

When did Louis Hubert Gonzalve Lyautey go to Algeria?

Despite a childhood spinal injury, Lyautey was an outstanding student and entered the Saint-Cyr Military Academy in 1873. After serving with a cavalry regiment at Châteaudun, he went to Algeria in 1880. On his return to France two years later he was promoted to captain.