Why did Rwanda vote against resolution 955?

Why did Rwanda vote against resolution 955?

The Rwandan delegation gave several reasons for the rejection: The period covered by the tribunal, from 1 January to 31 December 1994, was inadequate and should be changed to the period of the Rwandan Civil War, from 1 October 1990 to 17 July 1994.

What do UN Security Council resolutions do?

A United Nations Security Council resolution is a United Nations resolution adopted by the fifteen members of the Security Council (UNSC); the United Nations (UN) body charged with “primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security”.

What is something the United Nations Security Council strongly urged demanded or authorized in UN Security Council resolution 918 on May 17 1994?

Concerned that the continuation of the situation constituted a threat to international peace and security, the Council demanded an immediate end to hostilities, an agreed ceasefire and an end to the violence and carnage engulfing Rwanda.

What did United Nations Security Council Resolution 84 do?

TitleResolution 84 (1950) / [adopted by the Security Council at its 476th meeting], of 7 July 1950. [2] p. Recommends that all Member States providing military forces to Republic of Korea make forces and other assistance available to a unified command under the United States of America.

Where is ICTR?

The Tribunal is located in Arusha, Tanzania, and has offices in Kigali, Rwanda. Its Appeals Chamber is located in The Hague, Netherlands. Since it opened in 1995, the Tribunal has indicted 93 individuals whom it considered responsible for serious violations of international humanitarian law committed in Rwanda in 1994.

What is the purpose of a UN resolution?

Resolutions are formal expressions of the opinion or will of UN organs. Decisions are another type of formal action taken by UN bodies. They often concern procedural matters such as elections, appointments, time and place of future sessions.

Why did the UN withdrew from Rwanda?

The UN decided to pull most of its troops because it was believed that the civil war would begin again. With the war beginning once again, the personnel that were left in Rwanda were not there to protect civilians or kept even necessarily for peacekeeping but rather in order to attain a cease fire once again.

Why did UN get involved in Korean War?

Under the influence of the Soviet Union, a communist government was put in place in North Korea. On June 25th, 1950, North Korean forces invaded South Korea by crossing over the 38th parallel with the support of the Soviet Union. The United States immediately pressed for the United Nations to act.

What was the result of UN Resolution 83?

The resolution was adopted by seven votes to one against from Yugoslavia….United Nations Security Council Resolution 83.

UN Security Council Resolution 83
Code S/1511 (Document)
Subject Complaint of aggression upon the Republic of Korea
Voting summary 7 voted for 1 voted against None abstained 1 absent 2 present not voting
Result Adopted