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Why did the original guy leave Blues Clues?

Why did the original guy leave Blues Clues?

Because I realize that was kind of abrupt,” he continued. Burns, who wore nearly the same outfit he dressed up in while he hosted the show, said that he left the show to attend college. Burns then listed all the accomplishments he and the audience had gained over the years.

Who was the old Blue Clues guy?

host Steve Burns
Original “Blue’s Clues” host Steve Burns has finally clued the world into why he left the popular children’s show in 2002. In a viral clip posted to Nick Jr.’s Twitter account, Burns explained that his character, Steve, decided to go to college.

Who was the first Blues Clues person?

Steven Michael Burns
Steven Michael Burns (born October 9, 1973) is an American actor, musician, producer, director, and television host. He is best known as the original host of the long-running children’s preschool television program Blue’s Clues from 1996 until 2002, for which he was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 2001.

Is the original blues clues dog a boy?

The star of Blue’s Clues, Blue, is a girl puppy who communicates to Steve and Joe through barks, which they understand.

Did Steve return to Blue’s Clues?

Kind of like this one he gave Stephen Colbert when he appeared on “The Late Show” Thursday. Steve didn’t have to come back. We’d made ourselves comfortable with Joe and the new host, Josh Dela Cruz, who is serving a new generation of clue-solvers in “Blue’s Clues and You.”

Did Steve really draw in Blue’s Clues?

In a new preview of Blues Clues & You, Josh drew the color green like in classic episodes where the host draws the clue, so we may see Josh draw the clues on his notebook instead of the clues drawing themselves, and singing when they come alive. This format was never featured in any Steve episodes.

Is periwinkle a boy or girl?

Periwinkle (or simply Peri) is a male kitten from the city who first appears in Blue’s Big Mystery. He becomes a recurring friend of Blue afterward.