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Why is my Fitbit not showing texts?

Why is my Fitbit not showing texts?

Your phone must be within 30 feet of your Fitbit device to receive notifications. You won’t see text notifications if you have the conversation open on your phone. Your Fitbit device shows new, unread texts. You won’t see notifications if you turned on settings such as do not disturb or driving mode on your phone.

Can my Fitbit be repaired?

Fitbit will replace or fix your tracker’s regular wear-and-tear damage within one year of the date you purchased it. Additionally, if you are having any problems with the Fitbit app on your phone or the Fitbit website dashboard, that also isn’t covered by the warranty.

Why has my Fitbit screen gone black?

If you see a black or blank screen on your Fitbit, the first thing to try is a restart or a forced restart (also called a long restart.) Restarting your Fitbit forces it to reboot–and often fixes problems like a black, blank, or non-responsive device.

How long should a Fitbit last?

Most Fitbit devices can be worn continuously for up to five days without needing a charge, and they will remind you before it’s time for a charging session with on screen battery icons, flashing LED lights, and even audio prompts.

How to restart your Fitbit fitness tracker?

How to Restart Fitbit Tracker Step #1. First up, you need to plug your charging cable into your computer. Step #2. Plug your Flex into the charging cable and then you have to insert a paperclip into the small pinhole on the back of the charger. Step #3. Hold down the paper clip for 3-5 seconds. Step #4. Step #1. Step #2. Step #3. Step #1. Step #2. Step #1.

How do I completely reset a Fitbit?

Resetting Fitbit trackers with a proper LCD display is relatively easy. Go to the Settings -> About Screen of your tracker. Select the Factory Reset and confirm your selection by pressing Reset.

How do I restore my fitbit to factory settings?

To reset a Fitbit Charge device to factory settings: Attach the charging cable to the Fitbit and then connect this to an available, powered-on USB port. Locate the button available on the Fitbit and hold it down for approximately two seconds. Without letting go of that button, remove your Fitbit from the charging cable.

How long does it take to update my Fitbit Charge tracker?

You won’t be notified of updates on your specific Fitbit device, but you can check for, download, and install updates in the Fitbit app on your paired smart device. The process to update your Fitbit device generally takes about 10 minutes.