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Why is my IBD gel lifting?

Why is my IBD gel lifting?

If the extra nail debris stays under the gel polish it will cause lifting. Use 91% alcohol and a lint free wipe. Use a bonder on your nails and it will really help with lifting. The bonder makes removal extremely difficult if you use it on the whole nail, so start with just where you are having a problem with lifting.

How long does IBD gel polish last?

IBD Hard Gel offers an excellent wearing time. It can last up to 22 days before you’ll experience any chip.

What is IBD manicure?

IBD introduces LED/UV Natural Builder Gel. IBD’s top selling clear builder gel is now LED and UV curable for faster, beautiful nails. The cover gels offer opaque color coverage, mask fill lines, and can be applied over tips and natural nails for added strength. There is no chipping or peeling and lasts for weeks.

Why does my Polygel keep lifting?

Why does my polygel keep lifting? This issue starts with the slip solution has not been completely dry before you apply polygel on your nails. Too much or too wet polygel will cause it to pop off. Polygel that is not completely dry will cause it to lift around the edges first.

Does IBD hard gel soak off?

Ideal for use over both tips and natural nails, this thick-consistency gel cures in three minutes to ensure fast, efficient service. Perfect for clients who like to experiment with their nail looks, this easy to remove gel can be soaked off in just 10 minutes and safely removed using a cuticle pusher.

Is IBD gel safe?

According to IBD, lamps of this wattage have been certified as safe by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, a branch of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Under the Soft Light lamp, nails harden within 60 seconds.

What is the difference between IBD hard gel and builder gel?

Hard gels are different from your typical Gelish bottled gel polishes. These hard gels are more similar to acrylics and often require more time to soak off once you’ve filed as close to the natural nail as possible. Builder gel is also used for adhering tips if you don’t want to use forms to build the nail out.

Is IBD Gel safe?

Does IBD hard Gel soak off?