Why is my Western plow not working?

Why is my Western plow not working?

An easy fix and possible cause of the problem is that either the incorrect hydraulic fluid is being used, or the fluid level is too low. The hydraulic pump may also be clogged; the pump filter will have to be replaced, and he hydraulic system will have to be flushed and refilled before the plow will function properly.

What fluid goes in western plow?

Although, Western plows do take ATF fluid I had an interesting experience with my Western today. I use ATF in some of the other Westerns we have, but there’s one plow that’s been a headache for 2 years now.

How do you troubleshoot a plow?

Snow Plow Hydraulic System Issues

  1. Pump pressure could be an issue. Perform pressure test to ensure proper pressure for plow functions.
  2. Voltage issues with Solenoid Coils. Test voltage and coil connection.
  3. Pump flow can slow plow functions. Check filters and replace dirty or clogged filters.

What does a plow module do?

Western Snow Plow Isolation Modules are the brains of the Western plow electrical system. When you push a button on your hand held controller, that information is passed onto the Isolation module in order to help notify the plow of the movement as well as pass this information to the hydraulic system.

Where can I fill my Western plow?

It’s located on the plow’s mounting frame, in front of the plow vehicle’s grill. The pump must be full for the snowplow to work properly.

Can I use power steering fluid in my snow plow?

Power steering fluid or ATF? ATF will work fine if it’s a Western plow not so if it’s a Meyers. The hydraulic oil in Wal Mart, K-Mart, Meijer works in either plow. Hydraulic fluids, like most oils get very thick in the cold.

Is there an issue with my Western UniMount plow?

It will not turn to the left & is currently all the way to the right. It pulls my charging system way down. Have not had this issue before. Plow has new oil & screen.

What causes a snow plow to stop running?

The first is that there may be damage to the exterior of the pump unit. There may also be loose or damaged o-ring plugs. Also, the pump shaft seal may be damaged to some extent. In all cases, there is an immediate environmental and operational need to repair the problem quickly.

What should I do if my snow plow pump seal is damaged?

External damage will require replacing the reservoir if repairs cannot be completed. O-rings can be replaced easily enough if you have replacements on hand. If the pump shaft seal is damaged, it, too, will need replacement. It is vital to have the replacement parts on hand to keep down time to a minimum.

Where can I find maintenance documentation for my Western snowplow?

Find answers to the most commonly raised questions on topics such as preventive maintenance, preseason care and basic troubleshooting. Additional information is available in our Library. Maintenance support videos and mechanics guides for keeping your WESTERN® products at peak performance all season long.