Why were the temples of Abu Simbel moved in 1964?

Why were the temples of Abu Simbel moved in 1964?

Abu Simbel survived through ancient times, only to be threatened by modern progress. Because the site would soon be flooded by the rising Nile, it was decided that the temples should be moved.

Who built the temples at Abu Simbel?

king Ramses II
Abu Simbel, site of two temples built by the Egyptian king Ramses II (reigned 1279–13 bce), now located in Aswān muḥāfaẓah (governorate), southern Egypt. In ancient times the area was at the southern frontier of pharaonic Egypt, facing Nubia.

Why did Ramses build Abu Simbel?

Ramses built the Temple at Abu Simbel in Egypt to intimidate his enemies and seat himself amongst the gods.

What is unique about the temple at Abu Simbel?

The Abu Simbel Temple is actually two individual temples, both rock cut structures, and both built during the reign of King Ramses II sometime in the 1200 B.C. time period. One temple is dedicated to King Ramses II, and the second temple is dedicated to his beloved wife Queen Nefertari.

Can you go inside Abu Simbel?

Inside the temple at Abu Simbel, colours remain and the statues and carvings are spectacular. Photography is not allowed. You can get to Abu Simbel direct from Cairo by air, but most get to Abu Simbel from Aswan, by plane or by road. ( Cairo to Aswan is boat or train normally).

What happened to the statue at Abu Simbel?

The statue of Ramses the Great at the Great Temple of Abu Simbel is reassembled after having been moved in 1967 to save it from flooding.

What is Abu Simbel famous for?

It was dedicated to the gods Amun, Ra-Horakhty, and Ptah, as well as to the deified Ramesses himself. It is generally considered the grandest and most beautiful of the temples commissioned during the reign of Ramesses II, and one of the most beautiful in Egypt.

Is it safe to visit Abu Simbel?

You will be safe around Abu Simbel, but do NOT drive anywhere in Egypt. It takes a long time to get to places, the roads are often poor and the driving is terrifying. You will be safe around Luxor and in the Red Sea resorts, but do not go anywhere outside the main tourist areas.

Why is Abu Simbel famous?

Is it worth going to Abu Simbel?

Travel times can be long (if you travel by land) or expensive (if you travel by air), so is it worth it? Absolutely! The temples of Abu Simbel are some of most impressive and unique temples you will see in Egypt, so it is well worth the visit.

Is it safe to go to Abu Simbel?

Can you brush your teeth with tap water in Egypt?

Don’t drink the tap water. Water is not properly filtered, It is also not advisable to brush your teeth with tap water in certain areas of Egypt, including Dahab. Buy bottled water and use that to brush your teeth.