Will there be a remake of Evil Dead 2?

Will there be a remake of Evil Dead 2?

Bruce Campbell, star of the Evil Dead series, has revealed the new official title for the next installment in the beloved horror franchise. Bruce Campbell has revealed the official new title for the next Evil Dead film currently in development, Evil Dead Rise.

Are Evil Dead 1 and 2 the same movie?

Instead, Evil Dead 2 is basically the first movie again; it was shot as a recap with different actors, except Bruce Campbell, who reprised his role as Ash Williams. Therefore, The Evil Dead is the next part of the timeline.

Why is there green blood in Evil Dead 2?

This is because Sam Raimi decided Ash should walk the opposite way across the room in that scene, so he flipped the negative. The producers insisted upon using different colors of blood to avoid an X rating. This proved futile, as the MPAA gave the film an X anyway.

Why are there 2 Evil Dead movies?

The reason for the retcon at the beginning of the movie was explained by Campbell in a clip from the special features of Evil Dead 2 (via Den of Geek), where he revealed that Raimi didn’t own the rights to his own movie, so they had to shoot a recap with different actors, which ended up becoming a different story.

Are The Evil Dead movies connected?

While the 2013 Evil Dead movie is usually considered a remake, evidence suggests it actually exists in the same universe as the original film. In 1981, director Sam Raimi gifted the world with a little indie horror film called The Evil Dead. …

What movie has the most fake blood?

Dead Alive 1. DEAD ALIVE. This zombie comedy splatstick horror film by “Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson holds the world record for the most fake blood used in a single movie.

How much fake blood was used in it?

According to filmmakers, a record-breaking 4,500 gallons of fake blood was used during filming.

Who is Bruce Campbell married to?

Ida Gearonm. 1991
Christine Deveaum. 1983–1989
Bruce Campbell/Spouse

How old is Bruce Campbell?

63 years (June 22, 1958)
Bruce Campbell/Age

Why Does Evil Dead 2 ignore Evil Dead 1?

How old was Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead?

Was Evil Dead 2 a remake or a sequel?

While Raimi and Campbell have stated that Evil Dead 2 was intended as a direct sequel , there are differences between the first movie and the recap at the beginning of the second: for example, the Necronomicon is destroyed in a fire by Ash during the conclusion of The Evil Dead yet remains intact in Evil Dead 2.

Who is the cast of Evil Dead 2?

Evil Dead II, also known as Evil Dead II:Dead by Dawn, is a 1987 sequel to Evil Dead. The film is as the previous film directed by Sam Raimi and stars Bruce Campbell, Sarah Berry and Dan Hicks.

What is the Evil Dead 2?

(May 2018) Evil Dead II (also known in publicity materials as Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn) is a 1987 American comedy horror film directed by Sam Raimi , and a parody sequel to the horror film The Evil Dead (1981).