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Best Kentucky Derby Influencer Campaign Ideas

The Kentucky Derby is right around the corner, and if you’re looking to make a splash in the world of horse racing, now’s the time to start thinking about your influencer campaign.

But with so many options out there, how do you choose the best one?

That’s why we are here. We’ve rounded up some of the best Kentucky Derby influencer campaign ideas that are sure to get your brand noticed.

So, grab a mint julep, and let’s get started!

Influencer Ideas for the Kentucky Derby

Dress to Impress: Fashion Influencers

Fashion is one of the most recognizable aspects of the Kentucky Derby. The Derby is all about standing out, from ornate hats to brilliantly colored outfits.

This is where fashion influencers come into play. Work with a fashion blogger or Instagram influencer to promote your Derby-inspired ensembles. Your influencer may show off your brand’s style in a way that will turn attention, whether it’s a colorful flowery dress or a stylish jacket and bowtie combo.

Fashion and the Kentucky Derby are two (technically three) words that always go great together.

So, one of the best ways to promote your company at the Kentucky Derby is to highlight fashion and probably go for fashion influencers that will have their moment of fame.

Food and Drink: Culinary Influencers

The Kentucky Derby is known for its characteristic drink, the mint julep, as well as its delectable Southern food. Collaborate with a culinary or beverage influencer to develop Derby-inspired meals using your brand’s goods.

The choices are infinite, from mint julep cupcakes to Kentucky hot browns. Furthermore, food and beverage influencers frequently have a huge and committed following, so this is an excellent approach to get your business in front of fresh eyes.

Betting on Success: Sports Influencers

Because horse racing is not just a sport, is the Sport of Kings, why not collaborate with a sports influencer for your campaign?

A sports influencer, whether a former athlete or a current sports pundit, may add a distinct viewpoint to your Derby campaign. They can discuss their Derby predictions, and favorite Derby memories, and advertise your brand’s products or services to their audience.

Home Decor: Interior Design Influencers

Even though there are hundreds of thousands of people attending the Kentucky Derby, the majority of people will watch the race from the comforts of their homes.

But nothing is lost here. You can still run a successful influencer campaign from home.

Even if you are unable to attend the Kentucky Derby in person, you may bring the race’s enthusiasm into your house.

Create a Derby-themed room with your brand’s items in collaboration with an interior design influencer. From horse-themed throw pillows to race day-inspired artwork, there are plenty of ways to infuse your home with Derby style.

This is a great way to show off your brand’s versatility and appeal to a wider audience.

Behind the Scenes: Horse Racing Influencers

Nothing beats a behind-the-scenes look at the sport for real horse racing fans. Collaborate with a horse racing influencer to provide your audience with an inside peek at the horse racing scene.

They may show your fans around a horse farm or training facility, introduce them to jockeys and trainers, and give insider information about the sport.

This is a great way to appeal to a niche audience while also showcasing your brand’s commitment to authenticity.


The Kentucky Derby provides a fantastic chance for marketers to construct a memorable influencer campaign.

The best thing about the Kentucky Derby is that it is very versatile, meaning that brands from different industries can use this event to promote their business and spread brand awareness. From food and drinks to sports, and fashion, the Kentucky Derby has it all!

You may stand out in a crowded industry and leave a lasting impression by collaborating with the appropriate influencer and showing your brand’s distinct style and personality. Put on your finest Derby hat, sip your mint julep, and prepare to take over the horse racing world!