What type of hosting is suitable for a WordPress site?


The choice of hosting for your site on the WordPress CMS must be chosen carefully, with special care. The right choice depends on how fast and stable your website will work, as well as its security. In addition, it is worth considering the issue of price – it must correspond to quality. Too cheap hosts can provide too low a level of service, and overly expensive hosts are often not worth it. In this case, we recommend that you consider Zomro hosting, which has a high quality of services and an optimal price.

We note right away: if you have a domain, half the battle is done – you do not have to buy a domain from the same company you will host. A domain is just a website address that can be directed to any hosting.

CMS WordPress: server requirements

This is a fairly simple point that you should not focus on. However, it still needs to be noted: the developers do not make any particular restrictions on the server and its software – WordPress will work on both Linux and Windows servers, although the former will be the priority—option: more features and chips. Versions of PHP and MySQL should not be “ancient”; focus on newer versions – PHP 7. x versions work noticeably faster when compared with previous builds, and some plugins do not support older software.

What type of hosting to choose?

The following substantial question is which hosting to choose for WordPress. The choice of hosting services for CMS depends on the goals of your web project.

Shared hosting is the most inexpensive and easy-to-use option. It is suitable for starting a website that does not require special server capacity or flexible server configuration. For beginners, it is especially convenient to use shared hosting because working with it does not require technical knowledge. 

All interaction with the server takes place using a simple and understandable graphical control panel. It is usually used for small projects: 

  • blogging and information resources, 
  • personal and business websites, 
  • an online store with low traffic.

Shared hosting allows you to make only local changes (within the hosting account) of the web server settings through the .htaccess file or PHP through php.ini. Therefore, online resources that require customization of the primary server configuration should better consider VPS right away. This type of hosting is more difficult, as it requires a technical understanding of the server and SSH skills since the basic VPS service does not require the installation of a graphical control panel. However, you can optionally install a suitable control panel and pay for the services of a server administrator if you do not have the necessary technical knowledge.


Availability of auxiliary tools for working with WordPress

Today, installing WordPress in one click directly from the hosting control panel is already a standard that must be present in all tariff plans. But to more accurately customize the “engine” for yourself and have “room for maneuvering,” you need additional tools – a PHP settings editor, backup, statistics on resources used, and an installed SSL certificate. It is also very convenient when choosing a convenient control panel for WordPress – cPanel, for example, is very popular and has wide functionality.

Company reputation

Behind the phrase “quality hosting,” there must be evidence that many people can call themselves great professionals and promise high-quality support and a stable connection. Still, your site will immediately “notice” if the company cannot provide this. Study reviews about the selected company focus on user reviews and ratings that do not seem “fake.” The right decision is to give preference to those with vast experience and experience in hosting.

It is also useful to read the user agreement to determine what obligations the hoster assumes in this or that case, the restrictions, and what rules the client must follow.