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Did Victoria from ANTM have an eating disorder?

Did Victoria from ANTM have an eating disorder?

Because she’s so homesick, Victoria repeatedly states that her food just doesn’t taste like anything. She’s working out to relieve stress, but isn’t eating much. She’s getting sick, yes, but it’s not an eating disorder in the traditional sense.

Where is Victoria ANTM now?

The model and designer is now traveling to the St. Augustine Fashion Week 2020, which will be held during March 1-7. Henley will be showing a total of 24 pieces, walking primarily on Saturday, March 7, in her brand and for a few of the other designers.

Is Laura James still modeling?

Laura James has found a passion for acting While she hasn’t done professional modeling in quite a while, the ANTM alum still shares some beautiful shots of herself to her 103,000 followers on Instagram. James is currently in a relationship with fellow actor Jon Ecker. The couple lives on the west coast with three cats.

Who wins ANTM 19?

Laura James
America’s Next Top Model – Season 19/Winners
The winner of the competition was 21-year-old Paul Smith’s College student Laura James from Cambridge, New York with Kiara Belen placing as the runner up.

What happened to Kiara from ANTM Cycle 19?

Kiara’s life for the past 7 years has been all about modeling and fashion shows. In 2020, the ‘ANTM’ alumni walked on LA Fashion Week and a runway model for “Walter Collection,” an haute couture store in LA. Kiara has currently signed TNG Models, a successful and famous LA agency.

What happened to Leila ANTM Cycle 19?

After the show, Leila has been signed with NEXT Model Management in Los Angeles, Miami, Milan and New York. She was also signed with Chic Model Management in Sydney and M4 Models.

When did cycle 19 of ANTM come out?

Cycle 19 of the American reality TV show premiered on August 24, 2012. It was famously the first college edition in the franchise and included public voting as an important factor in contestant elimination.

How old is Victoria from ANTM real life?

Indeed, many viewers were drawn in by Victoria’s memorable journey on the show, which included creating vivid characters during photo shoots, snappy one-liners, enduring mistreatment from the other girls and, yes, her calls home to mom. The 18-year-old model- actress-singer was homeschooled and took online college courses at Liberty University.

Who is Victoria Henley from ANTM signed to?

The other girls may not have understood quirky Victoria, but she’s still in the modeling world, she is signed with Salt Model and Talent. She has also modeled for international labels such as Mara Hoffman and Neiman Marcus. She also owns her own company, Magni.

Where did Victoria Wujek go on ANTM?

Though she finished sixth in the competition (after previously cut model Leila Goldkuhl returned on the strength of social-media scores), Victoria is continuing to model and hopes to do more acting. Did your elimination come as a surprise? I definitely was surprised and very disheartened to go at the point that I did.