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How do I get to Skopelos island?

How do I get to Skopelos island?

The most popular way to reach the island is by ferry. There are ferries to Skopelos from Volos, Agios Konstantinos, Evia but also from other islands of the Sporades. The closest airport to Skopelos is on Skiathos island.

Is Skopelos expensive?

Skopelos is yer average middling tourist island for prices. The most expensive islands are Mykonos and parts of Santorini. Ferry – depends exactly when you go in May/June, probably 4-7 times a day.

Is Skopelos Greece safe?

Skopelos is a generally safe and family friendly destination. The summer sun tends to get very strong. You should not take the risk of dehydration, sunburns or even heat strokes lightly.

Can you visit the Mamma Mia island?

Even today, tourists visiting the island are interested in visiting the spots they admire in the Mamma Mia movie. Enjoy this small guide to the various locations used for filming this rom-com, from Skopelos island – the sole ‘location’ in the film’s story – to Skiathos and Damouhari, in the Pelion.

Which is nicer Corfu or Rhodes?

Corfu takes a hint of culture from Italy and the Balkans instead, and it’s considered one of the greenest islands in the country. Generally speaking, Corfu is a touch quieter and it’s easier to find peaceful off-radar spots, but Rhodes offers more in the way of an all-inclusive vacation vibe.

Can you live on Skopelos Island?

Life in Skopelos. Having the chance to live on a Greek island is a dream for many. Indeed, the concept has been glamorised in tons of movies over the years.

Where in Skopelos was Mamma Mia filmed?

Skopelos—”Kalokairi” in the Film Among the locations on Skopelos—which was called Kalokairi in the film—the producers say a “mountainous peninsula” near Glisteri was used as the filming location where Sophie leaves for her wedding.

Can you live on Skopelos island?

Can you stay where Mamma Mia was filmed?

Stay at the Santikos Collection’s Skiathos Princess Hotel, on Skiathos, and Marpunta Hotel, on Alonissos, as well as the Skopelos Holiday Hotel, an associate hotel on Skopelos – all three are popular Olympic Holidays’ hotels and the perfect base to explore the Mamma Mia! film locations.