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How do I open the bonnet on a Peugeot?

How do I open the bonnet on a Peugeot?

Open the front left door. Pull the interior bonnet release lever A , located at the bottom of the door aperture. Push the exterior safety catch B to the left and raise the bonnet.

How do you open the bonnet on a Peugeot 208?

Peugeot 208 Owners Manual

  1. Open the left hand front door. Pull the release lever, located at the bottom of the door aperture, towards you.
  2. Lift the safety catch and raise the bonnet.
  3. Unclip the stay from its housing and place it in the support slot to hold the bonnet open.

How do you open bonnet on Peugeot 508?

☞ With the vehicle unlocked, press the rear edge of the flap to open it (the filler cap is a part of it). ☞ From inside: pull the release lever, located on the left below the dashboard, towards you. ☞ From the outside: lift the safety catch and raise the bonnet.

How many Litres does a Peugeot 208 hold?

50 litres
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Fuel Capacity 50 litres
Turning Circle 11m

How much antifreeze does a Peugeot 206 need?

Registered. BennyBall said: I have the same car, the total coolant capacity is approximately 6 litres, so you need to add 3 litres of good quality antifreeze to maintain a recommended 50% ratio of water to antifreeze, this gives protection down to -36 degrees centigrade.

How do I know if my car needs coolant?

5 Signs That Your Vehicle Needs An Antifreeze/Coolant Service

  1. The temperature gauge reads hotter than normal when the engine is running.
  2. Antifreeze leaks and puddles beneath your vehicle (orange or green fluid)
  3. A grinding noise is coming from under the hood of your car.