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How do I pay delinquent property taxes in Palm Beach County?

How do I pay delinquent property taxes in Palm Beach County?

Delinquent Property Taxes

  1. Delinquent Property Tax Payment Options.
  2. Mail: Tax Collector, Palm Beach County.
  3. Overnight Mail: Tax Collector, Palm Beach County.
  4. Wire Transfer: Wire transfers are accepted for payment of current and delinquent taxes.
  5. In Person: Visit one of our service centers.

How do I renew my Palm Beach County drivers license?

You may renew your license online at or via mail one time. After you have done that once, the fun begins. To renew again, you must visit a Florida Department of Motor Vehicles’ or county tax collector’s office in person and provide the required identification documents.

How do I return license plates in Palm Beach County?

You should dispose of Florida license plates via one of the following methods:

  1. In person at a motor vehicle service center; or.
  2. Via mail to a motor vehicle service center along with a request to cancel and recycle the license plate; or.

Who is the tax collector of Palm Beach County?

Anne M. Gannon
Gannon, Constitutional Tax Collector Serving Palm Beach County.

How much are property taxes in Palm Beach County?

Florida Property Tax Rates

County Median Home Value Average Effective Property Tax Rate
Palm Beach County $264,400 1.06%
Pasco County $149,000 0.90%
Pinellas County $183,000 0.90%
Polk County $135,400 0.86%

What happens if you let your driver’s license expire in Florida?

Driving with an expired Florida license is less serious than cruising around with a suspended license, but you won’t get off scot-free. If you’ve let your license go past the 6-month expiration mark it’s considered a criminal violation and you could face: Up to 60 days in county jail. Fines up to $500.

Do I need to surrender my license plate in Florida?

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles requires you to surrender your license plate by mail or in person at a Tax Collector’s Office in the following circumstances: If you sell the vehicle without transferring the license plate to your new vehicle. If you cancel the insurance on your vehicle.

Can you drive a car without a tag if you just bought it in Florida?

You can drive a car in Florida without license plates for 30 days, but with a bill of sale and proof of insurance.