How do you get on the ferry in Lego City Undercover?

How do you get on the ferry in Lego City Undercover?

To build the ferry and reach Albatross Island, you’ll need 15,000 super bricks. Open the [Data Scanner] and you’ll see a few in the Police Station parking lot. But, you don’t have to hunt for Super Bricks here. You can explore the city and collect as many (or more) than you need.

Where is the ferry to Liberty Island in Lego City Undercover?

Standing on top of the teleport station and pressing A on the Wii U gamepad will warp McCain to Lady Liberty Island. Once McCain has reached Lady Liberty Island he can build a Super Build to activate a ferry route between Crescent Park and Lady Liberty Island.

How do you get the Segway in Lego City Undercover?

Inside, break a cabinet on the back wall to reveal a safe with dynamite inside. Use it to blow up the sink on the right side of the room, then ride the geyser up to the Segway token.

How do you get on top of the police station in Lego City Undercover?

The third: destroy a dispenser in the bottom right corner, then build a police car from its bricks and use it. Now, you must use the elevator to reach upper floor. Order some popcorn and get another brick. Then, you must pry open the door next to the elevator and take a crate from the room.

How do you open the door in Lego City Undercover?

Ride his forklift to the top of the building and enter the door in the back. Once down below, flip the switch on the wall to open the gate.

What are the codes for Lego City Undercover?

LEGO City Undercover Cheat Codes List

  • Baseball Player – YCMWKP.
  • Chan’s Drakonas – DWJVCT.
  • Classic Alien – CQSZBJ.
  • Disguised Natalia Kowalski – HVGTPG.
  • Gorilla Suit Guy – XKGZVJ.
  • Karate Guy – MRPHVQ.
  • Minotaur – SSVKCT.
  • Ninja – FHSZYG.

How do you get 100 on Lego City Undercover?

You need to collect 120 vehicles if you want to have 100%. You can find 2 in each mission which gives you 30 vehicles from all missions….You can also get vehicles by completing challenges and activities:

  1. most of the super builds.
  2. Vehicle Robbers challenges,
  3. Vehicle Robbery challenges,
  4. Races.

What is the code for Lego City Undercover police station?

At the police station, you’ll find a terminal positioned near two garages. The garage doors are closed, but you can enter 3D74QF9 into the terminal and those doors will open to reveal additional missions.

How do you get to Liberty Island in Lego City?

Inside the chest there is a teleport that will take you to the island. You should have some bricks with you as for 15Â 000 you can build a port that will enable you to freely move towards and from the island.

What do you need for Lego City Undercover?

Most of the builds will also include a Character or Vehicle Token AND and a Gold Brick. Some of the Super Builds are required to progress in the game. There should always be enough Super Bricks in the area to complete any mission based super builds.

How to build Space Shuttle in Lego City Undercover?

Apollo Island: Space Shuttle (50K) – Build the Space Shuttle to head to a secret moon. (Character: Spaceman) If it is a mission based super build section, it will appear in bold and italic text.

Where is the helipad in Lego City Undercover?

Loop de Loop (30K) – In the middle of the runway on the south side of the island. (Vehicle: Wash Wagon) Helipad (20K) – On the roof at the end of the Free Run. Climb up on top of the Administration Building using the wall jump pads. Water the plant to grow the vine to access the tight rope between buildings.