How do you get past sand Central Station in Lego Marvel?

How do you get past sand Central Station in Lego Marvel?

To destroy the wall with sand guns on top of it, use Iron Man’s explosives to destroy the scaffolding on the right, then build the pieces int an anvil, which you can throw at the weak part of the wall with Hulk. Once you do, you will be blown outside, onto the roof.

Where is Stan Lee in sand Central Station?

In the first area of Grand Central Station, Stan Lee can be found upon the left balcony. Any flight character can soar up there, or any character with elevation abilities (i.e. Spider-Man). Stan is pinned under a newspaper stand, and freeing him will grant you your first Stan Lee.

How do you get the last minikit in sand Central Station?

During the fight with two sand cannons turn left and approach to the golden wall. Melt it as a Human Torch to uncover a claw switch. Use Wolverine’s claws to unlock it and then change your hero into Jean Grey. Take control over a man standing behind the window to get a minikit.

What happens when you get 100 percent on Lego Marvel superheroes?

When game is finished in approximately 99% (meaning that you completed practically everything), look at the map of New York City. If everything went okay, new mission for Deadpool’s Scooter will pop up on the bridge (see Vehicles Map [39]).

How to get to sand Central Station Lego Marvel?

Choose Spider-Man character and go to the right part of the location. Use spider sense to reveal a hidden passage on the wall and then climb on it. Standing on the platform, use web to pull out nearby panel (which is colored in red and blue).

Where to start in Lego Marvel Super Heroes?

Sand Central Station is the first level in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Follow the guide below for a full walkthrough, the locations of all Minikits, and how to free Stan Lee in Peril . You will start on the ramp up to the road that surrounds Grand Central Station.

How to get to the boss in sand Central Station?

Use Spider-Man’s spider sense to detect hidden panel and pull it out, like you have done it before. Finally go to the central part of the location and use spider’s web at the big A letter. When it falls, the way to the boss will stand open. On the right side of the location you will find a blue-red panel – use it with Spider-Man, to make a rope.

How to destroy sand in Lego Marvel Super?

Face him with Hulk and strike green wall with attack button. Turn away and go to the central part of the arena. Find a pile of sand on the left and destroy it with Hulk’s smash attack (simply press jump and attack buttons ). Build concrete mixer from the debris and throw it at the enemy.