How high should a ceiling be for a golf simulator?

How high should a ceiling be for a golf simulator?

The height you actually need depends on your height, the highest point of your swing, and your wariness of hitting the ceiling. The absolute lowest ceiling allowable for a golf simulator is 8.5 – 9ft, though most will need higher. A 10ft ceiling height allows a much more comfortable experience.

How much clearance do you need for a golf simulator?

The minimum space required to set up most golf simulators is 10’W x 10’L x 8.5’H. Things like player height and arm length can factor into how much space is required. If you are a shorter player, then you might be able to get away with a slightly shorter ceiling.

What is a standard ceiling height?

nine feet
Today’s standard ceiling height is nine feet. Newer houses are often built with nine-foot ceilings on the first floor (and, sometimes, eight-foot ceilings on the second story). While many custom builders will assume that homeowners want nine-foot ceilings, don’t take it for granted.

Can you use real golf balls with OptiShot?

You can play OptiShot using a real golf ball, the included foam ball or no ball at all.

How can I raise the height of my ceiling?

For a grand change in ceiling height, you can vault the ceiling. Vaulting requires removing the existing 8 foot ceiling and framing the attic space above at the highest point possible, resulting in a sloped ceiling. Vaulting a ceiling in a larger room often requires structural beams or supports to be added.

How much room do you need for a SkyTrak?

10′ x 10′
How much space is needed for SkyTrak? We recommend that you set up a minimum of a 10′ x 10′ room to allow for a safe amount of room to swing the club. We also recommend adequate ceiling height depending on your height, that allows you to freely swing a driver in that room.

How much space do you need for a driving range?

Modern driving ranges use 15 to 17 acres, compared to 10 to 12 acres a decade ago. Increased distance suggests driving ranges should be longer than 300 yards. For divot recovery, tees should be 45 to 60 yards deep. If tees are at both ends, total range length should exceed 400 yards.

Can you have a golf simulator with 8 foot ceilings?

8 ft ceiling is too small to use a golf simulator. 8 ½ ft ceiling is the minimum height to use a golf simulator. 9 ft ceiling is the recommended height to use a golf simulator.

What is a comfortable ceiling height?

Ceiling Heights For example, in a room that measures 12 feet by 13 feet, the ideal ceiling height would be 12.5 feet. In a small room that measures eight feet by ten feet, the ideal ceiling height would be nine feet.

What is the height of a high ceiling?

What’s considered a high ceiling? Most older homes feature eight-foot ceilings, which was once considered the standard ceiling height to aim for. Newer homes, meanwhile, tend to come with nine-foot ceilings. But anything above the nine-foot mark is generally considered a high ceiling.