How many episodes of Xiaolin Showdown are there?

How many episodes of Xiaolin Showdown are there?

Xiaolin Showdown/Number of episodes

Will there be another Xiaolin Showdown?

Xiaolin Showdown is a 2021 American animated television series, created by Rebecca Sugar and Christy Hui. It is a reboot retelling the original version.

How old is Kimiko Tohomiko?

Kimiko Tohomiko

Gender Female
Age 17-25 (Immortal)
Height 5’11
Weight 124

Is Xiaolin Showdown on any streaming service?

You are able to stream Xiaolin Showdown by renting or purchasing on Google Play or Amazon Instant Video.

What did they say in Xiaolin Showdown?

In the first episode, Dojo shows how to begin showdowns by calling, “Gong Yi Tan Pai!” This is a pseudo-Chinese way of saying, “Ready, Set, Go!” 摊牌/攤牌 (Tanpai) means “showdown” in Chinese, 工 (Gong) is Chinese for “begin” (as to attack), and 艺/藝 (Yi) means “the” in Chinese, so it literally means, “Begin the showdown!”

How old is Jack Spicer Xiaolin Showdown?

Jack Spicer

Age 17-29 (Immortal)*Granted from Kimiko*
Hair Color Dark Red
Eye Color Crimson
Height 6’8

Are there any episodes of Xiaolin Showdown Season 2?

Episodes 214, 215, and 216 were premiered in non-production order in USA. Season 2 is divided into 2 seasons in UK. Prod. When Wuya returns to her flesh and blood form, the remaining Xiaolin Apprentices must find a way to defeat her. The only way they know how, is to trap her within a puzzle box.

How did Omi get to the Xiaolin Showdown?

When he fails to get to a Xiaolin Showdown in time to defeat the Cyclops, Clay has lost the Reversing Mirror and Omi uses the Changing Chopsticks on their own, and shrinks to the size of an ant.

Who is the street vendor in Xiaolin Showdown?

When the Crystal Glasses reveal themselves in Russia, the Xiaolin are assisted by a street vendor named Vlad. They bring Vlad back to the Xiaolin Temple to train with them, but when Omi uses the Crystal Glasses to see his future, he is tricked into believing he will be the new evil.

Who is the sapphire dragon in Xiaolin Showdown?

When Kimiko removes a layer of soot, it is revealed that it is the Sapphire Dragon, a Shen Gong Wu that turns everything and everyone into sapphire statues which it can control. When it is accidentally activated, it starts taking the Xiaolin Warriors and elder monks out one by one, it’s up to Dojo to save the day.