How many international students are at Chemnitz University of Technology?

How many international students are at Chemnitz University of Technology?

It is home to roughly 11,000 students from around 100 countries. Due to its high proportion of international students, Chemnitz University of Technology is the most international university in Saxony and occupies a leading position nationwide among state universities.

Who is the partner of Technische Universitat Chemnitz?

Successful “partner university of elite sports:” Max Heß again took the championship title in the triple jump and Maria Purtsa jumped to third place, Corinna Schwab sprinted to first place in the 400 meters, and Rebekka Haase finished third in the 100 and 200 meters. …

Is there a Federal Research Center in Chemnitz?

The technical universities in Chemnitz, Dresden, and Freiberg want to establish a large-scale federal research center in the energy region of Lusatia, thereby providing essential momentum for a future energy industry and sustainably shaping structural change in the region

Is there a tuctage open house in Chemnitz?

The University Computer Centre and the TUCdiscover project team have digitally reconstructed the central lecture hall building and made it possible to visit the Virtual TUCtage open house – prospective students can get a breath of university air … Just ask “TUC.K.I.!”

When does Chemnitz University of Technology chat robot premiere?

Premiere for the new chat robot for student counseling at Chemnitz University of Technology at the 3rd Virtual TUC Days … The Chair of Measurement and Sensor Technology invites you to the digital international summer school “Programmable Smart Sensors based on Bio-compatible Nanocomposite Materials” from 17 to 24 June 2021 …

Is the Chemnitz University of Technology a TDU member?

Chemnitz University of Technology is Now a Member of the Turkish-German University (TDU) Consortium. Joining the TDU is a move that is intended to strengthen the university’s networking with universities in Turkey ….