Was Jason Leffler married?

Was Jason Leffler married?

Leffler had a son with Alison East, Charlie Dean, who was five years old at the time of his father’s death. He shared his life with live-in girlfriend Julianna Patterson; they resided in North Carolina and were engaged at the time of his death.

What happened to Jason Leffler NASCAR driver?

Race car driver Jason Leffler died from a blunt force neck injury, an autopsy revealed Thursday. Medical Examiner ruled Leffler’s cause of death was the neck injury he sustained when his car impacted the wall at Bridgeport Speedway in New Jersey during a Wednesday night sprint car race.

Did Jason Leffler pass away?

12 June 2013
Jason Leffler/Date of death

Who passed away in NASCAR?

NASCAR issued a statement Sunday afternoon: “We are saddened to learn of the passing of former driver and owner Eric McClure. NASCAR extends its deepest condolences to Eric’s family and friends.”

What killed Jason Leffler?

How old was Jason Leffler?

37 years (1975–2013)
Jason Leffler/Age at death

Has anyone died in NASCAR since Dale Earnhardt?

The NASCAR Cup Series has seen 28 driver fatalities, the most recent of which occurred in February 2001 when Dale Earnhardt was killed during the Daytona 500. Safety in the sport has evolved through the decades.

What NASCAR driver is married to a black woman?

Kyle Larson’s wife Katelyn Sweet has given birth to the couple’s two children. As NASCAR’s only Black full-time driver, Wallace was always different from his competitors. The American sportscaster for ESPN network Nicole Briscoe is a married woman.

What happened to Eric McClure?

ABINGDON, Va. (AP) — Former NASCAR driver Eric McClure died Sunday, his family and the series said. He was 42. The Washington County sheriff’s office said McClure’s body was sent to Roanoke for an autopsy.

When was Jason Leffler’s last NASCAR race?

Leffler’s last full Nationwide season was in 2011, and he’d run just 12 NASCAR races in 2012. He didn’t have deep resources to buy insurance anymore; the night he was killed, the winner was guaranteed just $7,000.

Who was Jason Leffler’s girlfriend on Instagram?

Heartbroken: Jason’s girlfriend Julianna Patterson, pictured right with him, posted a series of photos of the driver on Instagram today Some believe the claim was a deliberate attempt to solicit donations to an account that had been established for both Charlie and Leffler’s ex-wife Alison East.

How did Jason Leffler die in his car?

But the adorable little boy was left without a dad after Leffler’s Sprint Car tragically flipped and high banked the dirt oval at New Jersey’s Bridgeport Speedway last Wednesday, as thousands of stunned fans watched on. The driver was extracted from the car and airlifted by helicopter to hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after 9 p.m.

Who was the girlfriend of the NASCAR driver who died?

The girlfriend of NASCAR driver Jason Leffler has spoken out to defend the late racer after his ex-wife’s family claimed he’d failed to ensure his five-year-old son would be looked after financially if he died.