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What do the symbols mean on your Snapchat story?

What do the symbols mean on your Snapchat story?

Message status icons Red solid arrow: You sent a Snap without audio to this friend. Red unfilled arrow: Your friend opened your Snap without audio. Red solid square: This friend sent you a Snap without audio. Red unfilled square: You viewed a Snap without audio from this friend.

What do the arrows mean on Snapchat story?

The green arrow on your Snapchat story means that the person has taken a screenshot/screen recording of your story. Snapchat is able to detect a screenshot as well as a screen recording of a story. That being said, if someone were to take a screenshot of your story, you will be notified of it via a double green arrow.

What does 😎 💕 mean on Snapchat?

💕 Pink Hearts – You have been #1 BFs with each other for two months straight. Dedication! 👶 Baby – You just became friends with this person. 😎 Face With Sunglasses – One of your best friends is one of their best friends. You send a lot of snaps to someone they also send a lot of snaps to.

How do you know if someone Screenshotted your Snapchat story?

How to See Who’s Viewed and Screenshotted Your Snapchat Story

  1. Snapchat is all about transparency.
  2. Next to each Snap you’ll see a number and a purple eyeball.
  3. Tap on a Snap and Swipe up to see a list of all the people who’ve viewed your Snap.
  4. Anyone who’s taken a screenshot of your Snap will be highlighted in green.

How do you know if somebody Unfriended you on Snapchat?

A good indicator that someone unfriended you on Snapchat is if you no longer see photos or videos posted to their Story. But thanks to Snapchat’s privacy settings, seeing someone’s Story doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve added you back.

What does green circle mean on Snapchat story?

close friends list
The lock next to Snapchat stories means that particular story is private. The app allows you to share multimedia messages that will “self-destruct” in up to 10 seconds. If the circle is green, then the person’s story can be watched by only those who are in close friends list.

Is it illegal to screenshot Snapchats?

It is illegal to screenshot Snapchat picture messages and pass them to others on without consent, the Government’s culture minister has said. Ed Vaizey said anyone who who screenshotted a Snapchat message and shared it with others could be sued by its original sender – and face a prison sentence.