What does Hoseh mean?

What does Hoseh mean?

exclamation of satisfaction
Hoseh Liao. Meaning: Hokkien exclamation of satisfaction, indicating that things are good (in a way) Relax guys.

What does Kang Tao mean?

Kang Tao is a Chinese weapons manufacturer in 2077. In 2050, Kang Tao was restructured into a Chinese-based company, quickly making its way to the top tier of weapons manufacturing at a tremendous pace thanks to bold choices, courageous strategy, and government backing.

What is Chio Singlish?

CB is also known as “chio bu“, a Hokkien phrase which means actually means buxom lady. In the Singaporean context, however, it is the guys’ favourite phrase to describe the presence of an attractive girl. The everyday Singaporean: A: Eh bro, chiobu!

What does Bo Liao mean?

bo(h) liao – (From Hokkien/Teochew 無聊/无聊 bô-liâu, lit. boredom; Mandarin: wúliáo) A slang expression to describe being in a situation of idleness. Also used to describe an act of doing something silly.

What is Liao in Chinese?

The ‘Liao’ slang translates directly to ‘already’, and is used as an emphasis for the verb before it. The slang is also used with different variations of verbs and can simplify long sentences like ‘I have already eaten’ to ‘Eat Liao’. Alternate slang: Do Liao.

What is Jialat?

‘Jialat’ is derived from the Hokkien dialect and literally means to sap one’s energy. Basically think of it as the opposite of ‘Shiok. ‘ Only use it when something is particularly perplexing or troublesome! Example: I want to take a trip to Bali this weekend.

What does Dulan mean?

Du lan is a very common hokkien expletive that is used to express that one is pissed off with something.

What eat snake means?

Eat snake is a phrase used to describe a person’s attitude towards work or tasks. It practically means skiving at work and slacking off from tasks and responsibilities.

What kind of name is Liao?

Liao (Chinese: 廖) is a Chinese surname, most commonly found in Taiwan and Southern China. Statistics show it is among the 100 most common surnames in mainland China; figures from the Ministry of Public Security showed it to be the 61st most common surname, shared by around 4.2 million Chinese citizens.

What does Wah Piang mean?

Also wah piang, wah piang eh. An exclamation expr. astonishment, consternation, despair, dismay, etc.

Is Jialat a bad word?

Jialat (jia-lat): Derived from Hokkien, “jialat” is used to describe a negative or disastrous situation.

Is Dulan a bad word?

Where does the term Kantang come from in Singapore?

Kantang The term “ kantang ” is used to mock westernised Singaporeans who converses only in English and cannot speak their mother tongues properly. It is probably derived from the view that potato is a staple food for westerners. Rice, on the other hand, is a staple food for East and Southeast Asians.

Why is there no English Dictionary in Singapore?

The lack of an officially printed version of a Singlish dictionary is due to the fact that the Singapore government frowns upon the use of Singlish, their official stand being that the speaking of Singlish will make Singaporeans difficult to understand when communicating with foreigners who are not familiar with Singlish.

Which is the most popular Singlish word in Singapore?

Goondu “ Goondu ” is a Singlish word, derived either from Malay or Tamil to express something that is hard and heavy, which indirectly suggests a stupid person. Goondu and guru, which sound alike, are regularly used in Singapore in referring to an idiot and expert.

What does the Singaporean slang word Heng mean?

What it means: “Heng” is a Hokkien word which means lucky or fortunate. The Everyday Singaporean: Harry: Hey Emma, I’ve got something that I’ve been wanting to tell you all along…. Emma: Harry: Oh err.. erm.. on second thoughts.. n..n..nevermind..