What happened to Handel on the Law?

What happened to Handel on the Law?

Handel currently hosts two radio programs on KFI in Los Angeles, California. Additionally, he hosts a legal advice show on weekends called Handel on the Law, which launched in 1985 and is syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks, co-owned with KFI by iHeartMedia, Inc.

What is wrong with Bill Handel on KFI?

The results of an MRI showed that Handel had a cyst next to his spine. Fluid was removed from the cyst but the infection moved into the bone and into his bloodstream. After an eight-day hospital stay and various pain and antibiotic medications, Handel was released.

Where can I listen to Handel on the Law?

Radio Stations and Times

Live Program Every Saturday 8 AM to 11 PM (Pacific Standard Time)
WDBT FM 93.7 Hartford Sun 5AM-8AM
WTKI AM 1450 Huntsville Sun 9PM-12AM
WNTM AM 710 Mobile Sun 6PM-9PM
KHTE FM 96.5 England Sat 5PM-8PM

How do I contact Bill Handel?

To ask Bill a question, call 1-(800) 520-1534* or message him on his profile here.

How do I call Handel on the Law?

To ask Bill a question, call 1-(800) 520-1534*.

How old is Handel?

70 years (August 25, 1951)
Bill Handel/Age

Who is leaving KFI?

Kris Ankarlo
After 5 Years, Kris Ankarlo is Leaving KFI.

Is KFI 640 conservative?

In its climb up the ratings charts over the past four years, talk-radio station KFI-AM (640) has taken on a much more conservative tone, following the lead of its top-rated personality, Rush Limbaugh. KFI officials say that politics has little to do with their programming rationale.

Who did Bill Handel marry?

Marjorie Handel
Bill Handel/Spouse

Who is Mo Kelley?

Morris W. O’Kelly (Mo’Kelly) is a political and cultural affairs commentator. His award-winning radio program “The Mo’Kelly Show” airs on KFI AM640 in Los Angeles and iHeartRadio, where each weekend he covers everything from the latest in politics to entertainment and their invariable intersection.

Did Bill Handel get suspended?

Bill Handel, KFI-AM’s (640) top-rated morning mouth, was suspended for a week following an obscenity-laced tirade on Jamie White’s KYSR-FM 98.7(Star 98) show.

What is KFI for life?

KFI has, since 2013, been responding to customer needs by developing high-quality products that align with local tastes. The kidney fat index (KFI) calculation based on Riney’s (1955) revised formula, i.e….KFI.

Acronym Definition
KFI Kraft Foods International
KFI Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation

What does Handel on the law stand for?

Marginal legal advice, where you are told you have no case. Handel on the Law, Marginal Legal Advice. Handel on the Law, Marginal Legal Advice. Handel on the Law, Marginal Legal Advice.

Who are the staff members on Handel on the law?

Realizing that the choice for an attorney is an important one, Handel On the Law’s staff members carefully screen attorneys to ensure potential clients get the best possible service from an attorney they can trust. Bill Handel’s weekend show, Handel on the Law, is bold, entertaining and addictive.

Why did George Frideric Handel stop studying law?

Although Handel’s father died in 1697, Handel enrolled at the University of Halle in 1703. He studied law for a year because his father wanted him to do so. After that year, Handel was unhappy studying law. He decided to stop studying law and become a musician.

What kind of music is the music of Handel?

Handel – the music of Handel. music – an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner.