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What is a Springfield 1911 TRP?

What is a Springfield 1911 TRP?

The TRP™ (tactical response pistol) series of 1911s from Springfield Armory® are serious tools for the most serious of applications. These tactically proven pistols are intentionally designed to work under the worst conditions you might encounter.

Are Springfield 1911 any good?

With its 41-ounce weight, Springfield Armory’s 1911-A1 9mm was exceptionally easy to handle and comfortable to shoot. The Springfield Armory 1911-A1 9mm ran fine and John was impressed with the accuracy for a bone-stock gun. John shot the EMP 9mm at 7 yards since it’s essentially a defensive pistol.

Why are Springfield 1911 so expensive?

Why Some 1911 Handguns Are So Expensive Ultimately, some competition-driven modifications found their way to carry guns. Due to poor quality control and the use of less-than-ideal materials and parts, these bargain guns gave 1911s a bad reputation. This pushed consumers to high-end variants and to custom gunsmiths.

How many bullets does a Springfield 1911 hold?

The M1911 (often referred to simply as 1911) is a single action short recoil-operated semi-automatic pistol, chambered in . 45 ACP. It features a 7 round magazine and has an effective range of approximately 50 meters. Its name sake derives from the year it was first produced, in 1911.

What is a mil-spec 1911?

The Springfield Armory® 1911 Mil-Spec Semi-Auto Pistol replicates the GI issue 1911-A1, with an arched mainspring housing and a standard spur hammer and grip safety, though constructed of modern steel machined to CNC tolerances. The slide and frame are constructed of carbon steel and have a parkerized finish.

Where is the Springfield Armory Mil-Spec 1911 made?

Geneseo Illinois
Widely regarded as the premier production 1911 in the world, the Springfield Armory TRP® is proudly crafted here in Geneseo Illinois and ready for a lifetime of service.

What is so special about a 1911 gun?

Here’s a big gun that’s easier to conceal than other big guns. The grip angle fits the hand very comfortably, and the relatively low bore axis makes the gun a natural pointer. When you hold one, you’ll notice just how well it fits the hand. When you shoot it, you’ll notice recoil if shooting .

Whats the controversy with Springfield Armory?

Springfield Armory is no stranger to controversy. In 2017, the company earned considerable ire from the gun-owning community for first opposing and then retracting its opposition to the proposed Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Act (SB1657).

Is the Springfield Hellcat worth it?

The Springfield Armory Hellcat is a reliable accurate pistol that would be great as a CCW option and we recommend it without hesitation. However, it still feels like a gun made in Croatia (because it is) in that it feels like a solid “value” gun that has a LOT going for it.

Why is the 1911 so popular?

To A Point. Another reason why the 1911 has stayed popular is that it’s actually a very viable carry gun, whether as a packing gun for the out of doors or as a concealed carry . It’s easier for conventional concealed carry, because the slide is actually pretty slim; it’s about 0.9 inches for most models.

What is the best 1911 pistol?

The Chaos pistol from Dan Wesson is one of the best 1911 pistols for competition shooting. It stands out for its remarkably high ammunition capacity, although that does come at the cost of a lower power level from the smaller caliber.

Is the 1911 the best handgun ever made?

The 1911 pistol is certainly the best ever created seeing that’s perfect size and weight and with all the functionalities of the rest too. The best part about it, is that its original design can be customized in various ways such as: the grips, trigger, barrel, slide, frame, safety switch etc.

What caliber is best for the 1911?

9mm is the best caliber for the 1911. Posted on February 16, 2016 by Caleb. The 1911 is probably the most iconic handgun design ever. No pistol in history has done more – from battlefield to CCW to every single flavor of competition, there are 1911s. It’s just a great gun.

Who makes the best 1911?

Hgunner. The absolute best value for your dollar right now is a Les Baer. Who makes the best……Baer,Brown,Wilson,Guncrafters, Nighthawk and a lot of good independent smith’s. Rogers Precision, Heirloom Precision, John Harrison, etc. The best run of the mill 1911 is still probably the Colt, runner up would be Springfield,…